Like “Kiss Land” and “Belong To The World” before it, the Weeknd’s latest offering “Love In The Sky” is much more ebullient and polished than the work on his three mixtapes. It’s also his most romantic-feeling release to-date, despite its lyrics where he explains his aversion to slow sex. The previous two cuts took heavily from source material: the original version of “Kiss Land” utilized an old Main Attrakionz single and “Belong To The World” was, controversially, greatly influenced by Portishead’s “Machine Gun” but this, from what I can hear, is primarily original, although he sounds more like Michael Jackson than ever before. Check out the swooner below.

UPDATE: There’s a video now, too:

Kiss Land is out 9/10.

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  1. this is a prty cool song. i still like the weeknd even if everyone hates him now for some reason.

    • For me its more just frustrated. I feel like the first two singles were pretty lucklaster compared to the mixtapes. For what it’s worth I think this this third single is better than Kiss Land and Belong to the World.

    • I think with the exception of a song here and there, his last two mixtapes SERIOUSLY lacked a lot of the vocal emotion that would contrast the witchhousey production on the first album. It just became a dude singing, with admittedly good vocal range. (also I think there was some controversy, that he basically stole that specific conceptual contrast from his first producer or something like that?)

      I like this song though. Back to the good shit hopefully.

      • Agree to disagree, Echoes of Silence had some excellent production work by Illangelo and Clams Casino. The one-two punch of XO/The Host and Initiation were better back-to-back songs than anything on House of Balloons (in my opinion.)

        Im pretty into this song. But the video though is completely uninspired and pointless. Lil B music videos justify their existence more than this one…

      • I agree that this is the right direc – this has some good confessional ish at the end.

  2. I think this is the best song he’s dropped from the album so far.

  3. I thought it was a Michael Jackson song.

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