Tegan and Sara at Osheaga

Osheaga Festival is happening this weekend in Montreal. During Macklemore’s set, Tegan and Sara joined the rapper on stage to sing the choruses on “Same Love,” his anthem about gay marriage, sexuality, and social constructs. (Mary Lambert sings on the album version.) “I think that looking at the hip-hop community, and holding myself accountable in the hip-hop community, was what I cared about,” Macklemore told NYC Hot 97 earlier this summer, talking about the song. “That’s my community; that’s who I see to be oppressing gay people… Homophobia is still rampant in the hip-hop community and it just gets the co-sign.” Watch his Osheaga performance with Ryan Lewis and Tegan & Sara below.

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  1. Regardless of your opinion of Macklemore, I think its hard to be upset about a song like “Same Love” being popular. One of the rare times a song that actually has some serious meaning has become so popular recently.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I, personally, enjoy Macklemore. I suppose I can see where others are coming from though. But you’re right. Having a song about such a serious matter being so popular really means a lot. Especially in this day and age.

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