Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Here’s what we know so far: The fourth Arcade Fire album is coming out 10/29, and the band worked on it with producer and former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. (Murphy is amped about it.) Then, this past weekend, at the Lollapalooza and Osheaga festivals, a video aired on screens before some sets, and it featured an artist’s hand drawing a picture like the one above, with the word “Reflektor.” (Curiously, the official Instagram blog listed Reflektor as one of this year’s Lolla performers.) The music soundtracking the video, which is also on Instagram now, could be Arcade Fire — a slow-swelling intro before a song kicks in, maybe. Meanwhile, that same image has been appearing as graffiti in cities around the world, and a new Instagram account is documenting as much of it as possible. This all seems like it could be early advance hype for that new AF album, and it follows that the new AF album could be titled Reflektor. Check out the short video in question below.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

If this is a case of an A-list band using actual property defacement as guerrilla marketing, props. Meanwhile, let’s all keep track of

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  1. This is definitely the year of the album tease, huh?

    • Yep. The ad wizards have been extra busy shifting the paradigm and thinking outside the box.

      Luckily the music has mostly lived up to ridiculousness of the marketing so far.

      • I don’t know if I’d quite say that about Jay Z’s album though.

        • Yeah, that’s the biggest part of the “mostly”. Along with a bit of Boards of Canada, which while quite good comes up a bit short of “unannounced RSD 12″ leads to a secret code scavenger hunt”. At least for me.

    • I read it as album of the year tease. Probably not far from the truth

  2. What sucks is that the above Instagram only got 89 likes, where as a parent-type friend of mine got about 100 for posting the ten-thousandth pic of ther baby or plate of food in the past week.

  3. guerrilla marketing……simpsons did it

  4. It might also be titled “Left ef Rok” or “RFK EEO LTR,” the latter of which hints that the band knows the the RFK assassination was actually masterminded by an “EEO” (Eastern European Oligarch? Evil Empire Operator?) for the purpose of promoting “LTR” (Leftist Tyrant Order or Liberal Traitor Overthrow are both sound possibilities). I suspect that somewhere along the line (probably via Mick Jagger backstage at SNL), Arcade Fire were exposed to some of the Illuminati’s darkest secrets, and are now working to reveal them via this new album. OR IT COULD BE A FALSE FLAG ALBUM PROMOTION. This could all be illuminati-masterminded distraction, a way to make us think that we’re understanding the plan while actually being fed a false narrative that will distract us from THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! #sheeple

    • Any conspiracy theorist worth his or her weight in aluminum foil and duct tape knows full well what EEO stands for: Emmitt, Egon, and Osiris. The Illuminati High Command is a triad consisting of Egyptian God/so far unused awesome stoner metal band name Osiris, “fictional” Ghostbuster Dr. Egon Spengler, and of course former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith. These three shadowy figures have been manipulating world events, writing classic 80s movies, resurrecting from the dead, and breaking the NFL’s all time rushing leader record for centuries.
      You’re spot on with the RFK part, but the meaning of LTR might shock you. In 2006 aspiring singer-songwriter Elizabeth “Lizzie” Grant disappeared in the outskirts of Brooklyn. Four years later she reemerges as Lana Del Rey, a modern Helen of Troy put in place by the Illuminati to start WW3. All of that is of course common knowledge, but what you don’t know is what the Illuminati scientists did to her. LTR stands for Lana the Ray. That’s right Lana Del Rey is actually a DEATHRAY commissioned by Obama to destroy real America and allow for the coming of his Socialist Fascist Atheist Muslim Dictatorship Plutocracy.
      Its all there in the liner notes for Born to Die. And Arcade Fire tried to warn us before. The Suburbs was originally supposed to be called “Obama is Totally a Socialist and he Probably Doesn’t Even Hate the Gays”, but the Illuminati used their earthquake machine to destroy Haiti and threaten Regine. Win is from Texas, so it must be assumed he’s a sleeper agent for Halliburton. But Regine and the guy who plays the washboard on their new album are still fighting the good fight. For more info I suggest you forget about the lamestream media and check out Sic Semper Tyrannis! Thus always, to the guy we disagree with!

    • lol fun to read this, but wtf are you talking about?

  5. I have high hopes for this album. I just sincerely hope it’s not dance-punk. It always worries me to see organic bands move towards synths. Sometimes it works really well, but other times its a hindrance to the songs. Arcade Fire makes great songs and I just wouldn’t want to see them compromised and muddied up by synths galore. Anyway, just my opinion. Teaser is pretty sweet :) Not a bad album title either for sure.

  6. discovery. Discovery! DISCOVERY!

  7. Pretty cool band but as far as actual music goes, it reminds me of the time that Jeff Gordon was in that Mountain Dew commercial. (lol ik that doesn’t make sense but stay with me here) Every album of theirs goes from punk to country to obvious product placement. Rococo? Think about it…..this band is marketed as indie but is basically a walking commercial

  8. Also, possibly un-related, but I was at the Osheaga Festival in MTL this weekend and coincidentally a friend of mine and his girlfriend ran into Win Butler on the festival grounds though he was not performing…

    The reflektor thing was played at the festival before Beck performed, so initially I suspected a connection to him, but the Arcade Fire thing is seeming way more plausible. I guess we’ll see.

    Also, about the whole “Year of the Album-Tease” (i.e. Daft Punk), I would say that as of now this is the coolest album tease yet, I like the graffiti and stuff, Neat-o.

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