MGMT - "Your Life Is A Lie" Video

Skeletons, a talking dolphin, a poker game, a crying rock, books by “Daryl Oates” and “John Hall,” an elderly man in tighty whities, an egg pyramid, Andrew VanWyngarden as Pinocchio, and Henry Winkler (I think) consoling a teenage soccer player are some of the non-sequitor scenes you’ll see in MGMT’s video for “Your Life Is A Lie,” the first single from MGMT. And I’m barely giving anything away because director Tom Kuntz crams a ton of ideas into the two minute clip, which is also the year’s weirdest lyric video. It’s begging for the “10 Weirdest Gifs From MGMT’s New Video” treatment. Maybe you can give Buzzfeed a hand and share some in the comments.

MGMT is out 9/17 on Columbia.

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  1. video of the year

  2. Man that song is an awesome B-side….wait, what was that…its the single?….well that’s not a very good single, but its a hellava video.

  3. Man alive I love this band. Cannot wait for the new album. They keep you on your toes.

  4. I can dig it.

  5. Loved the video. The song made absolutely no impression on me, which is disappointing.

  6. Fantastic video obviously trying to win back some hearts.
    The song itself is pretty interesting though with that intentionally repetitive structure.
    Sure it’s not a hit, but maybe it doesn’t need to be, it’s just a quirky song that sits on a record of other different kinds of songs.

  7. My favourtie video this year. The shots match the repetitive song so perfectly. I just watched it ten times in a row and I think I’m feeling a little crazy now.

  8. The song itself isn’t the greatest thing ever, but Dave Friedman’s production makes it worth listening to on repeat for me. I will never get sick of the distorted and compressed drum sound that he uses on this, Weezers Pinkerton and 90′s flaming lips.


  10. Wow, I can dig it. Definitely the Fonz consoling the soccer player. And the old dude getting hit by the ball kills me. Kudos to micahrophone above for already GIFing it. Is that supposed to be GW? The more I watch it, the more I see a slight resemblance…slight resemblance

  11. I mean as far as neo-lite-brite psychedelia goes this is far more nuance than the last Tame Impala album despite it appearing simple, which is why it ultimately works, there’s a lot going on here between the channels–its simplicity a fraud giving way to superb sound design; or whatever B|

  12. Good song. Better video except for fetus baby.

  13. A few thoughts:

    1. This song is kind of awesome. Loving the practically hypnotic quality of the repetition. Fingers crossed for a doozy of an album.
    2. This video is brilliant and…not that confusing…amiright? Pretty much: “Life is meaningless and absurd and, thus, amazing because of it! And if you don’t realize that; you’re living a lie.”

  14. This is heaven.

  15. That song was much better than I thought it’d be after reading the comments, makes me excited about the album.

  16. Refreshing to see a band make a fun video that lacks any semblance of seriousness.

  17. Their song “The Kids” is so fucking TIGHT, though!

  18. You don’t understand MGMT if you think they’re trying to appease you. Just imagine when your shitty kid tells you he likes “Congratulations” and you pretend you loved it when you never gave it a fair shake..


  19. I think this might be the “Black Hole Sun” video for this decade.

  20. MmmHmm


    Great Post!

    Cover image beautiful. GIFs delivered. A rare Scott post!

    Your Life Is A Lie.

    Slothdroppen’ Talking Heads References.

    Let’s take this, and trump yoOWHh-loAWWw


  21. Once you get MGMT they always deliver.

  22. Haven’t been that impressed with this or “Alien Days” but they’re decent.

    I know they’re not trying to appease anyone, but I’d be immensely happy with an album filled with songs similar to “Weekend Wars”, “Congratulations”, “The Youth”, “The Handshake” etc etc. That’s where their strength is.

  23. I think that this video is great! I also believe that it is a smart move for MGMT. MGMT has always been different in a since. While everyone is on this new funk/electro/disco phase it doesnt hurt to try and do something different and see what it can do for you. I also like how the video incorporates the lyrics. Lyric videos are super big right now so that was kind of cool. I give the boys a thumbs up!


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