Ryan Adams can be a little feisty on Twitter — we’ve seen it ourselves — and yesterday he @’d Sean Hannity in response to a tweet the Fox News correspondent made about role models:

Hannity invited the singer to make a statement on his eponymous program and when Adams declined, a tiny spat began, Adams saying if he, “wanted to be yelled at I would go see a Youth of Today reunion show” and that he doesn’t “negotiate with terrorists.” Due to these quips, Hannity dedicated a bit of last night’s show to dissect Adams’ “Liberal Twitter Tirade,” calling him a coward and demanding he, “say it to [his] face.”

In the segment about his tiny kerfuffle with the singer, Hannity suggests that because Adams’ music is so unpopular, they could play it for people who are being tortured. He then opens up the show to a panel discussion with Miss Oklahoma Anna-Marie Costello, who decries that because of social media “40 is the new 15″ and Hannity contributor Tarama Holder, who uses her time to talk about Hannity’s initial tweet and says we shouldn’t hold up athletes and rock stars as role models. She is also wearing a Jay Z t-shirt. On a Fox News show. Just let that sink in for a second.

In a different world, Adams would have accepted Hannity’s invitation to come on the show and given him the full Cam’ron-Dame Dash-on-The O’Reilly Factor treatment, but the befuddling roundtable where no one seems to be on the same page is also something else.

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  1. Thanks Obama :(

  2. I feel like I just Inception’d into Chuck Klosterman’s fever dream.

  3. “From Politicians like Clinton and Weiner to Athletes like A-Rod and Armstrong, who are our kids supposed to look up to these days?”

    IDK, maybe pick from one of the thousands of other politicians and athletes other than the four you mentioned?

    Also, Bill Clinton got a blow job in the oval office(I’m assuming that’s what he is referring to), that is cool as hell. I’d look up to someone if they just got a blow job in the car.

    I do give the comeback about playing his music to torture terrorists a solid “B” tho…

  4. IDK… I think I might hate Hannity more than anyone, but he succeeded in making Ryan Adams look like a total fool. I even like Ryan Adams. I am not sure why he would have responded to Hannity’s tweet about responsibility – which is actually somewhat true – when I would imagine 99.9% of what Hannity tweets on an hourly basis is total shit.

    Also, Claire, are you suggesting that calling someone out on Twitter is (debatably) the same as saying something to someone’s face in real life? Really?

    Ryan Adams looks like a douche and it pains me that this whole fiasco occurred. The fact that you guys are trying to defend him is even worse, if only that it shines a light on everything and gives Hannity the bandwidth he so cherishes.

  5. I’m not a fan of either really…but Hannity wins this round. Ryan lost when he commenting in the first place.

    • *Commented.

    • Also, I didn’t know anything about that Cam’ron ordeal that was linked, but I clicked that expecting someone throwing down over O’Reily, but they looked like a couple of high school thugs who just wouldn’t shut up and end up getting the last word with an obnoxiously placed “You maaaaaad???”

      Entertaining I guess…but…they looked pretty dumb.

      • Ryan Adams seems to have problems with criticism. Did you ever hear his voice-mail to Jim from the Chicago Tribune? Its one thing to be hyper-sensitive, but when you won’t come onto somebody’s else’s platform to defend yourself, then you do look cowardly, or at worst, proud. Personally I think Ryan Adams is very talented but a bit proud. Hannity is a bit hyper-conservative extreme but at least he’s man enough to have a dialouge. Ryan Adams just fires off obnoxious smart-ass tweets. Anyway, his phone call to Jim DeRogatis is pretty funny :)

  6. Ryan Adams loses for taking Sean fuckin Hannity seriously.

  7. Ryan Adams is a Terrorist. Ever hear that metal album of his?

  8. Looks like we have a CNN fan and the writer of this article isn’t a real journalist so there isn’t a hint of objectivity.

  9. Wow that link with Cam’ron was top notch good job Claire.

  10. Hannity’s statement was purposely very narrowly focused. He picked those specific people in order to make a point in a way that would stir the pot with a certain type of person, and he succeeded.

    Adams’ response shows a short fuse and name calling mentality that will get you exactly nowhere with people like Hannity. It’s like two high school bullies hanging out on the playground talking shit to each other. Also, his refusal and/or inability to engage in further dialogue with Hannity in public makes him look like a bit of a chump. Particularly saying he doesn’t “negotiate with terrorists”, which is such a bullshit, inflammatory statement. Dislike conservatives, or liberals for that matter, as much as you like. Neither of them are “terrorists”.

    Unfortunately, Hannity getting in (to this point) the last word in is exactly what people of his ilk want. You can’t out “Rush Limbaugh” Rush Limbaugh, that’s why he’s Rush Limbaugh. So in a sense I can understand why Adams wouldn’t want to proceed any further into that arena. But maybe he should have thought about that before he hit send on those first 140 characters.

    I understand what Hannity was trying to express. I have nieces and nephews who lack good role models. But I don’t agree with his approach or his narrow focus.

    I agree with Adams’ general point of view, including his apparent frustration with the type of rhetoric Hannity was using. But I don’t agree with his aggressive, bullying approach.

    In the end, regardless of the fact that I wholeheartedly disagree with his tactics, Hannity still has the opportunity to spout more rhetoric on his tv show, which will undoubtedly draw more attention to his original statement and his overall point of view. Adams’ inability to do nothing more than call him names in return clearly gives Hannity the (smirking) win on this one. Too bad.

  11. Miss Oklahoma!!!!

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