Nine Inch Nails - "Copy Of A"

“Copy Of A” got its live debut at Fuji Rock Festival last month and has been the opening song in every set of Nine Inch Nails’ current tour (including Outside Lands last night) so far. It’ll be the second single from Hesitation Marks and is out digitally this week. Take a listen to below.

Hesitation Marks is out 9/3 on Columbia. The deluxe edition will include remixes by Todd Rundgren, Genesis P-Orridge, and Oneohtrix Point Never.

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  1. Wow! This is better than Came Back Haunted and all of The Slip too.

  2. Whoa. VERY interesting choices for the remixers. One obviously influenced by Trent, one who definitely influenced him, and one I would have never expected. Great track, too. I agree it’s a better listen than ‘Came Back Haunted’.

    • Todd Rundgren is the MAN. I also liked that he worked with Buckingham on this record too. Some 70s power players adding magic to the proceedings :)

  3. I agree its better then Came back Haunted but I really liked The Slip! “Head Down” had such seething rage and tension. This is a really strong song, but to me at least I can’t agree its better then the whole of the slip. The analog synths are done really well and it sounds like (somewhat) a trip down 1994 memory lane. As a long time fan, my only concern is that Trent has muted his rage and made it more introspective. I really miss his screaming and the great theatrical/expressive rage that defined The Downward Spiral. This record is apparently aligned to sound like that, so I do have (unrealistically) high hopes. But I miss the palpable energy. Still, this is a nice tune and radio friendly. I’m sure the record will be loaded with surprises, and that’s what Trent and Co do best :)

  4. I may have found a new treadmill song.

  5. I cannot wait for this new album!

  6. It’s really good and much better than Came Back Haunted. However, I find that Find My Way is my favorite out of all the new songs. Really looking forward to the album and seeing them at the Staples Center come November.

    By the way, Copy of A is free on Amazon today.

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