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Between music, comedy, food, and artwork, Outside Lands really is one of the more interesting American summer festivals. You checked out our coverage and photos from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and now we have The 10 Best Things we experienced at the festival, music-related or otherwise. Check out the countdown here.

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  1. Kurt Vile and the Chromatics were great, Weir with an amazing set of The National was awesome, and the food and comedy (Bamford!) were cool too, but if we’re talking absolute best, I’d put Karen O’s stage presence up there as well. She was unbelievable!
    Also, free Chipoltle and Ben & Jerry’s everyday…

  2. Spot on, Miles! You are so right about Chromatics and Chic. I’d also add Phoenix’s headlining set at Twin Peaks. The bass was cranked up to 11, and you could feel it in your bones. The rain, the lights, the energy were magic.

  3. agree on Chromatics. i was caught completely off guard. we were walking by Panhandle stage and stopped to listen to them. it was really great.

  4. You forgot about twenty one pilots singer Tyler Joseph climbing up the side of the twin peaks stage…

  5. came to see Chromatics!!! My gf and I couldn’t believe how good they were live! ohh and YYYs!!!

  6. A food post over any mention of McCartney? I signed up for an account just to post my WTF comment.

  7. I can understand if you get to go to a lot of concerts on company dime and may have seen it before but…

    …how could anyone otherwise have passed up on Paul’s set? And how, even if Chromatics was awesome, could lamb poutine beat out his set or touching dedication to John that brought nearly everyone to tears in a top ten list from this fest? The dude is a fucking Beatle, for Christ’s sake.

    I understand that this is a site for hipsters, by hipsters, but since when is it uncool to go to Paul McCartney’s set or even tip a hat to it? Just because it’s expected? This shakes my faith in Stereogum opinion.

    Hard to believe that in a site full of people who are supposed to be musical connoisseurs nobody gives a nod to that kind of legend.


    • I think it’s completely possible to acknowledge the historical and cultural significance of the Beatles and Sir Paul without having to go see him. I personally prefer focusing on up and coming bands or bands in their prime vs. going to a show to acknowledge someone’s past. That’s just me.

      • I may agree with you if it were just about anyone else haha but I respect the stance.

        Aging bands are hard to watch. Even RHCP was difficult to witness.. they’ve really fallen off. Paul though. Man. That guy has still really got it. A lot of power left in that voice, and seeing those songs live was life changing.

        But just as you said, “That’s just me”

        Apples and oranges I guess. But most bands you can see for a small fee at a better indoor venue later down the tour line. Paul McCartney would cost you 150+ dollars for nosebleeds by himself. Definitely made the festival more of a bang for the buck methinks. Wish I could have seen the Chromatics too… I’m glad to hear they played a good set.

  8. Thanks so much for including our micro build (playhouse at #7) with PG&E and our sister affiliate Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley! We had a blast working with everyone who stopped by to spare a minute to paint or hammer, and learn more about the work we’re doing here in the Bay Area.

    Coming to Outside Lands is one of our favorite new traditions!

    Bettina Sferrino, Community Manager
    Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

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