Earl Sweatshirt - Doris

Doris, the rabidly anticipated new album from the fresh-out-of-boarding-school Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt, finally arrives next week, and it’s already yielded a ton of great songs: “Chum,” “Whoa,” “Guild,” “Hive,” “Burgundy.” The latest leak from the album is “Sunday,” which also features fellow Odd Future genius Frank Ocean, uniting the two for the first time since they worked together on Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids.” The track has Ocean rapping, not singing — and holy shit, he really raps well — over a foggy, murky beat, and it offers a lot to pick through. Like: That’s probably the Chris Brown incident Ocean’s talking about, right? Listen below, before someone takes down the YouTube.

Doris is finally out 8/20. And in kinda-related news, Pitchfork reports that Ocean’s cousin Sha’keir Duarte is suing Chris Brown over that brawl from earlier this year.

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  1. Earl is asleep on the album cover and in the song too.

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  2. Was this recorded with someones phone? After passing through 2 dixie cups and a string? Underwater?

  3. Chum’s still my favorite so far but fuck me this is good

  4. can this album just come out now?!

  5. After a couple listens I initially want to call this album a disappointment, but that really wouldn’t be fair because expectations were way to high. It’s definitely a good album but the fact that it took so long to come out led to it getting way too hyped up for it’s own good.

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