Kings Of Leon performed last week at Shepherd’s Bush in London for an AMEX Unstaged webcast that was directed by Fred Armisen. There were some funny promos that led up to the live show, but here’s one more clip to cap off of the band’s endeavor with Armisen, in which they attend the 14th Annual Best Member Of Kings Of Leon Awards. And the winner is…

Mechanical Bull is out 9/24 via RCA.

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  1. Yeah, I’d give the award to Fred as well.

  2. Trick question.

  3. Sorry but to be perfectly fair, these guys deserve an award for simply being so over the top rude to their fans, bookers as well as having lead weighted egos. I would never pay a dime to see any of their shows. They’re arrogant, typical rock star posturing, drunk for gigs, showing up late, tantrum throwing. Bah. I’d award Richard Simmons for wearing crisp velvet and sequin shorts rather then Kings of Leon.

    • Agree with above.

    • Except that’s not “perfectly fair” at all. I’ve been to three Kings of Leon shows, including the one in Dallas that inspired your “drunk for gigs” comment. They’ve always started right on time, the songs are played excellently live, they sound just like the studio version and really they do a good job of performing live. Other than a few isolated incidents that everyone seems to focus on (as if other bands don’t have similar issues as well), Kings of Leon seem to be a pretty nice group of guys.

  4. In Defense of Kings of Leon, they did make “Youth and Young Manhood”. They can’t be hated forever because of this very fact. That record is golden and awesome. So respect ‘em. This has been another ”In Defense Of”.

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