Volcano Choir - Repave

In two weeks, Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon returns with Repave, the second album from Volcano Choir, his project with the members of the post-rock band Collections Of Colonies Of Bees. The two songs we’ve posted from Repave, “Bygone” and “Comrade,” are way prettier and more conventional than anything on Unmap, the band’s relatively experimental 2008 debut. They’re also great songs — huge and searching and powerful. And now that the whole album is streaming online, we get to hear whether the rest of it follows suit. Listen to the entire thing at NPR.

Repave is out 9/3 on Jagjaguwar.

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  1. Glorious.

  2. Dancepack’s my shit

  3. First thoughts (official, since I’ve actually had it for over a week) – not as gut-punchingly emotionally resonant as Bon Iver, but really great in other ways. Cinematic, intricately produced and more dynamic than JV’s other releases. Delivers on the promise of Volcano Choir’s debut (when it was actually focusing on songs, not atmosphere). The songs seem straightforward and a little simple off the bat – it reminds me of Grizzly Bear’s Shields in this way – but they really open up after a few listens (and a few bottles of wine). Will end up in my year’s top 10 for sure.

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