Did you guys see This Is The End? It’s a great film, one of my favorites of 2013, you totally should check it out! If you have yet to do so, though, consider this a SPOILER ALERT:

The flick ends with a reunited Backstreet Boys as the soundtrack to heaven itself, singing and dancing their way through the Max Martin-penned “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” It’s probably one of the few times in history that Backstreet Boys will have beaten arch nemeses *NSYNC at anything — because there’s no way the rumored *NYSNC reunion at the VMAs will be better than the final scene of This Is The End.

But, says Page 6, *NSYNC will reunite just the same, as part of the celebration surrounding Justin Timberlake’s Video Vanguard reception honors. Here’s the scoop:

MTV announced that Timberlake, who topped the charts in the late ’90s with the band, will perform at the VMAs and receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. But we’re told former bandmates J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick are scheduled to join him onstage for a reunion performance. On Friday night, the *NSYNC crew were all spotted in the singer’s VIP section at his concert with Jay Z at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, joining Jessica Biel and Timberlake’s mother, Lynn Harless.

Man, Chris Kirkpatrick hasn’t seen a VIP section since the Clinton administration! Musta been sweet. Check back Sunday night to see if this rumored reunion does in fact go down. Which, between you and me? It will. And if somehow it doesn’t, I’ll buy you a Coke, because really without those old *NSNYC vids, Timberlake doesn’t exactly have the portfolio to justify any sort of Video Vanguard award. (Unlike, say, Robin Thicke.)

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  1. Haha that last paragraph is pretty golden, Mikey.

  2. Break out the Frosted Tips!!!!

  3. Will the fan wars start again?

  4. Hemsworth is STOKED.

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    • If you don’t like it bro, just don’t read it or just leave.

    • Remember back in the day when everyone pretended to hate Nsync but nobody really did? A decade or so later it’s ok to admit it cuz I’m not in high school anymore.

      • I was thinking about the general age of Stereogum readers…I’m not sure what it is. But I imagine a good number are too young to really remember or comprehend the madness that was ‘Nsync and Backstreet Boys (as in you were elemtary school or younger during their peak of the late 90′s-early 00′s.). Nothing has even come close to that since (Bieber, Gaga maybe? Still doesn’t seem close though). I have kid brothes who are still young, and they always look at me weird when I mention my nostalgiac appreciation for Nsync or even Backstreet Boys. They still have a hard time accepting JT on his own because of the Nsync connection. But being in high school at the peak of boy band (and nu-metal) madness was quite an experience. I can’t honestly reflect on that impressionable period without unleashing a few skeletons. But I do recall at one point, it was generally accepted that as far as Nsync went, you either loved them or pretended not to. The true haters were few and far between.

        Not to discredit what JT has done since, because I’m a huge fan and think the dude is serioiusly talented on his own merit, but there is a reason he’s as big as he is with the indie crowd now. A lot of us 30 something’s are finally coming to terms with the fact we’ve always dug the dude. Plain and simple.

        Kind of explains BB gloriously showing up at the end of This Is the End, too.

        • Spoiler alert, sheesh!

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          • It’s almost as though we went to different high schools. Imagine that…

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          • It’s almost like you’ve been trying to insult me… But all you’ve managed to do is insult gays, religious people, and the Japanese. Stay classy, though, jackass. Have fun at your Smash Mouth reunion concert.

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          • KiDCHAIR is completely on point. I went to high school from 96-2000 and besides nu-metal (Limp Bizkit, Korn), pop-punk (Blink, Showoff), and sunny pop “alternative” (Sugar Ray, Lit, Smash Mouth, etc.), boy bands were all the rage. Me and friends actually attended BSB and ‘N Sync shows (no shame) and then would go to Q101 – the alternative station at the time – sponsored shows.

            So sorry our high school’s weren’t as cool and hip as yours tho… if only I didn’t go to that “white Japanese simple moron” school, darn.

          • stacy z – Looks like we’re the exact same age and understand each other. RESPECT.

            miguelito1 – I have a hard time believing you were in high school in the 90′s, partly because you seem like you are still in high school now. I have no respect for you or your consistently asinine comments on these walls. Thanks for playing, stay in school.

          • Virtual high-five for the ‘Class of 2000′ my friend!

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          • sexuality is a continuum, bro.

          • KiDCHAIR, your ability with GIFs is rlly impressive. Now I know who these Internet GIF people are, they’re the Nsync/Power RAnger people.

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          • In which the Nsync fanboy fantasizes that Ron Swanson would have his back.

          • You say that, but your obsessive immediate responses to anything I say, days later, with your special little GIFs, no less, say otherwise. You’re even tracking me on any thread I post, and downvoting everything I say with your multiple accounts (to which you’ve admitted), even about Glasser when I offered a helpful correction. Clearly the entertainment options in Utah are slim.

          • How silly, you thought I was saying “Don’t even care” in reference to myself. Ron Swanson is saying that about *Nsync, of course.

            That’s also funny you think I’m attacking you with all my accounts (2) everywhere. I did downvote you on the Glasser post once, which admitedly was out of spite. Funniest of all is that it hasn’t occurred to you yet that people just don’t like what you have to say. You don’t want the backlash, don’t act like a dumbass.

            One last GIF and I’ll be done…

          • Aw damn it gets cut off. Oh well, you get the idea.

          • Funniest of all is it never occurred to you that you and a couple other Nsync fanboys are the only people who dislike some of my comments…in the same way that it never occurred to you that you and a couple other Nsync fanboys were not exactly representative of most kids in high school. Alright, now I’ve made myself feel like an idiot for conversing with you.

          • I liked that comment because I agree, you are an idiot.

          • Are you dissing Power Rangers, YOU LITTLE SHIT?

  6. I’m sorry but FUCKING YES! *NYSYNC IS MY SHIT. If there is a comment party for the VMAs, I will lose it.

  7. You KNOW you remember all the lyrics to every single Nsync song ever. Don’t lie. What’s that? It’s just me? Welp, alright then. As you were.

  8. Finally, Stereogum provides the NSYNC coverage I’ve been demanding!! Timberlake needs his bandmates to remain worth paying attention to, and now his managers have realized.

  9. So nobody else was in high school in the 90s and thought that NSYNC was pretty much the opposite of anything you wanted in a band? Indie rock was my salvation from that crap! (and from rap metal).

    I guess in ten years there will be a Stereogum post about the One Direction reunion, and then all the commenters will come out of the woodwork to say they were fans and that the haters were snobs.

    Sorry, but boy bands were just terrible. Leave this stuff to Rolling Stone. GIMME INDIE ROCK!!!!

    • yeah, somehow i missed this thread a couple of days ago, but i’m in the same boat as you. i was a high schooler in the 90s, and i can’t say that i agree with kidchair on everyone secretly loving ‘nsync – i know that i unsecretly though their music was shit (very catchy shit, i’ll give ‘em that), and i’m pretty sure the same is true of all of my friends back then. however, i will not go so far as to call kidchair a pedophile or insult the japanese.

      If you’ll notice, I never once said their music was “GOOD,” or that everyone agreed to anything close to that end. We knew it was shit. We just didn’t care. I hated them at one point, but eventually I just caved. I probably should have clarified that I was referring to my high school experience specifically for a lot of that. I get it if that wasn’t everyone’s. But with how many albums they sold you have to think that was common. I’m being completely serious when I say that at one point (in my neck of the woods anyway) it seemed that everyone got their guiltless jam on when “It’s Gonna Be Me” was played. I’m sure a lot of that was social influence. For whatever reason, we just rolled that way around here.

  10. B.S. No one is reading this old thread anymore. There were no downvotes for me, then all of a sudden 5 at once. Obviously all you. Get a life, KidUtah.

    • Ha keep telling yourself that

      • Hi KiDCHAIR. You’re on of my favorite people on Stereogum. Miguelito1 is either a troll or just an inane idiot. I will admit I trolled on this site before, playfully, but Miguelito1 isn’t me. I learned the hard way that trolling is a waste of time and its 15 minutes of attention gets old fast. Anyway, just noticed this thread via the comments of the week and sorry you had to have that idiot talk to you that way. Reminds me of my michael hanna experience when I first came here. Just remind yourself that these people aren’t your co-workers or family ;)

        • Ha thanks. I’m not too worried about him. We’ve gone back and forth before, I just found his attempts to insult me were obnoxiously out of place. Like…disagree with me all you want, but leave the Japanese out of it, gunther! Anyway…

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