Sophia Knapp - "Close To Me" video

Into The Waves, the 2012 album from the psychedelic L.A. singer-songwriter Sophia Knapp, has already produced some imaginative music videos, for “In Paper” and “The Right Place” and “Evermore.” And now she’s made another one, for the euphoric “Close To Me,” in which director Daniel Katz finds different ways to rhapsodize about the West Coast sun, starting with Hollywood splendor and ending with desert drag-racing glamor. There are a lot of cars in this video, and all of them are just heart-meltingly beautiful. Watch it below.

Into The Waves is out now on Drag City.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone describe a car as “heart-meltingly beautiful,” (MAYBE one might use this overly lovey-dovey term for a Jag E-type, meeo yoww.) Also by “a lot of cars” I assume you mean the ONE model they fill the video with, a Shelby Cobra (one of the most common kit-cars in the country) used in the video (okay so I also spotted some Mustangs but they weren’t even the fastbacks. Is that a Mustang II? Wtf?)

    Back to the video:
    Cool, you guys rented some 15-thousand dollar Cobra Kit cars, some leather gloves and shot the video with the main cinematic inspiration being your instagram lens effect. This is so original. With movies like Nicholas Winding Refn’s ‘Drive’ in recent memory I can’t see how this video justifies its existence above anything other than cliche.

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