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People get mad about Death Grips because they’re frankly pretty unreliable and disrespectful, but people talk about Death Grips because they make fucking awesome music. (I’d argue that No Death Grips = No Yeezus, tbh.) The band is reportedly working on a 2014 LP for their own (major label-affiliated) Thirdworlds imprint, but this morning, out of absolutely nowhere, they dropped a new track: a harrowing, PCP-laced, dub-punk bad trip called “Birds.” It’s spare, brutal, ugly, anti-melodic, and of course pretty great. “Fuck this bird, bitch, drink this bleach.” I said GODDAMN. Download, listen, etc., below.

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  1. part of me was hoping there would be no death grips song here

  2. But Kanye’s made it clear he never listened to Death Grips…

  3. deep, deep lyrics man

  4. Well this one’s pretty weird, even by their standards.

  5. Best song about game Angry Birds ever.

  6. Sounds kinda like Walt Jr. rapping.

  7. Well this isn’t very good at all.

  8. How the fuck does anyone like this?


  10. Death Grips: Talking loud and saying nothing.

  11. I guess I’m the only one here liking this? For me, it’s like doing drugs without the drugs.

    -But I digress….

  12. Not digging the new stuff. They just can’t seem to follow up”Take the Money and Run”.

  13. Can you elaborate on why you consider this DG material, “poetic genius.” I’m not trying to get on your case or knock your opinion; I’m just an inquiring Death Grips fan who’s trying to decipher these lyrics… I also truly believe that people misuse certain terms regarding artistic expression. I listen to DG’s lyrics constantly and I still have a hard time reading between the lines (for lack of a better term). Some insight would be appreciated.

  14. this is the first song by Death Grips i’ve ever heard, and i could not be any further from understanding the hype. it’s too compressed and stumbling to be abrasive, and too ‘spare, brutal, ugly, anti-melodic’ to be any fun to listen to.


    • You just dove into the ocean to learn how to swim…

      • probably, and it didn’t go well. i’m not sure i want to learn how to swim though. I mean, there are countless other activities to explore, and swimming’s constant attention-whoring rubs me the wrong way.

        • BAAAAD place to start (Not knocking the song or anything). This is super non-accessible. Try stuff off their album “The Money Store”. More poppy, more “fun”. “I’ve Seen Footage” and “Hacker” are probably the easiest to get into on that one.

        • “Attention-whoring”, for a band who’s motto is “No representation is the best representation”, and who’ve been on camera a total of 2 times… I’d say you’d have a hard time justifying that claim. A better inquiry would have been, “Why is the blogosphere so polarized on this group?” And you should start from the beginning and work your way too this track… I’ll leave it at that.

    • Start at the beginning with Ex-Military and this will make more sense. Although, you’ll probably never return to this track after you’ve basked in the violent paranoia of that record.

    • This is the least accessible Death Grips song I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard all of their music.

    • I love everything Death Grips has ever done . . . except for this. So, I don’t blame you, but I can promise you that Death Grips doesn’t really care if you are a fan or not. They are doing everything they can to keep from going mainstream.

  15. This is the sound of someone attempting to treat schizophrenia with a cocktail of PCP and codeine.

  16. Dude, hope they cleared this Weezy guitar sample

    Seriously tho, i think this is kinda cool.. even tho it SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

  17. It gets points for the weirdness factor and for sonically “exploring the space”…but other then that, what does it mean? It’s an extreme emotional disconnect and the lyrics are as deep as a mud puddle. If the lyrics actually weren’t so entirely insipid it could get away at least as an interesting track. But Michael Nelson was correct-it IS very anti-melody. I can’t agree with him that it’s pretty great though. I did like The Money Store though and they can be very creative, but with this song, it’s like being pretty creative but lyrically having absolutely nothing to say. But it does get props for being so uniformly bizarre. That deserves a medal of some sort.

  18. I love Death Grips, but this just kind of sucks. Anyone could make this song. Pushing the limits is great, but the music still needs to be good.

    Anyway, there is vinyl copy of No Love Deep Web for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested.

  19. This song is crap. Period. It belongs on an underground, experimental album that only a specific, small group of people will ever listen to. Being dissected as a piece of important, popular art just doesn’t work for music like this. And on the rare occasion when it has worked, it still wouldn’t work for THIS SONG, because THIS SONG is crap.

  20. Also, what the hayell does “PCP-laced” even mean? Has anyone hear ever done PCP? Because for real, people on PCP probably aren’t making music.

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