There have been a number of moments in 2013 when Le1f has made me want to hoot and throw things: Upon first listen of his tape Fly Zone, particularly “Spa Day” and “Pocahontas,” on which he coaxed Kitty out of her coy exterior and turned her taunts from bratty to salacious; at Scoot Inn during SXSW, flipping his braids with aplomb; and now this, the Shy Guy-produced “Damn Son” from his second 2013 mixtape Tree House. It seems that with each tape, his vocals become clearer and here he is at his most crisp, the better to hear his shade-mouth with, my dear. Sonically, it’s a hip-shaking pied piper hymn, from the bass to the flute synths, making it the only track where a reference to Freak Nasty’s 1996 summer jam “Da Dip” is not corny, but necessary. Bonus points for imbuing the hook with a sample of the “Damn son, where’d you find this?” drop of Trap-a-holics fame. Check it out below.

Tree House is out 9/10 via Le1f’s label Camp & Street.

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  1. Dude is having a hell of a year. Good tape followed by great tape followed by this. That attitude and some rappityrap rap just a hair off the beat which comes off more impressive than lashing himself to the snare Gibbs-style. Excited for the mixtape.

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