Kanye West will do his third piece of Yeezus press tomorrow morning by appearing on the season finale of Kris Jenner’s new talk show Kris. There’s a preview clip out now, featuring Kanye waxing about his love for Kim Kardashian and their daughter North, and it is probably the strangest thing you’ll ever see Kanye do. Sure, he’s dressed up like an abominable snowman in recent memory, but seeing in him the context of regular ol’ celebrity dad is pretty wild (and also very sweet). Check it out below.

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  1. My username approves.

  2. Kanye looks like a Rap Game Louis C.K. with his frown, goatee, and jean shirt. Come to think of it, isn’t he in all ways a Rap Game Louis C.K.?

    • Where Louis C.K. is considered a “comedian’s comedian,” Kanye is probably not a “rapper’s rapper.” In fact traditional rapper’s probably don’t really care about him (except Jay-Z.)

      I don’t think there’s a solid comedian example that I could think of. (David Cross?)

    • Danny Brown already holds the title of “Rap Louis CK”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gkCsd5XafE at 1:20

    • How many times are we gonna see Rap Game Louis C.K. comparisons this week?

      Bigger question: who’s the Kaufman of Rap?
      I’d say Das Racist

      Who’s the Asiz Anzari?
      I’d say Kanye

      Who’s the John Stewart?
      I’d say Killer Mike

      Who’s Laurel and Hardy?
      Public Enemy

      Abbot and Costello?

      Harold Lloyd?
      Gil-Scott Heron

      • Had to keep goin:
        Ricky Gervais – The Streets
        Kevin Hart – J. Cole
        Woody Allen – Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire
        Marc Maron – Earl or Tyler The Creator
        Andrew Dice Clay – FloRida
        Mel Brooks – KRS One
        Rodney Dangerfield – ODB
        Steve Martin – Andre 3000
        Doug Benson – Madlib/Quasimoto
        Jeanine Garafolo – Wu Tang Clan (jk)
        Louis C.K. – Action Bronson (they could be a hilarious pair of bros)

        • Nah, you can’t just make baseless comparisons I’m all for finding the most random comparisons to forcefully make (i.e. out of the 9 of us who have commented so far who would be who is we were the four ninja turtles, shredder, splinter, jessie, beboop, and rocksteady), but no kudos are given without explanation. Quality over quantity; even if your reasoning makes no sense, it’s all about the reasoning.

          • I have bases for each one of my comic/rapper pairs, ima write em up tonite.

            In ur comparison, you are CLEARLY beboop, and i’m OBV rocksteady. Let’s rock the dam thing, my boop!

          • Andy Kaufman – Das Racist (Meta, weird ass approach to their raps, absurdity)
            Asiz Anzari – Kanye (Silly, mainstream, abrasive)
            John Stewart – Killer Mike (Political, liberal, relatively unchanging)
            Laurel and Hardy – Public Enemy (Softer of the two early influential team of guys)
            Abbot and Costello – N.W.A. (Tougher of the two early influential team of guys)
            Harold Lloyd – Gil-Scott Heron (Innovator/inventor of the medium)
            Ricky Gervais – The Streets (British, supreme wit)
            Kevin Hart – J. Cole (Predictable, safe.. though I gave Hart the short end of the stick here)
            Woody Allen – Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire (Hyper intelligent, interpersonal commentary, self analytical)
            Marc Maron – Earl or Tyler The Creator (Smart and insular)
            Andrew Dice Clay – FloRida (Masculinity embodied.. gave ADC short end here)
            Mel Brooks – KRS One (Founding father, political, flag bearer — plus they look alike)
            Rodney Dangerfield – ODB (Wild, drug-ingesting goofball with surprising cleverness)
            Steve Martin – Andre 3000 (Some out there shit, some corny shit, unique, cool, interdisciplinary, top stuff is the hands down the best in the field*)
            Doug Benson – Madlib/Quasimoto (Weed)

            Jeanine Garafolo – Wu Tang Clan (Only comedienne who could truly encapsulate Shaolin. Nah as said, just jokin)
            Louis C.K. – Action Bronson (Overweight redheads)

            *This mostly goes for 3stacks, not actually that familiar with Martin. I should’ve chosen a better one for this.

          • Jeff Dunham – Big Sean

        • lawl @ Andrew Dice Clay

  3. Good to see Kanye wearing clothes a normal human being would wear again.

  4. His voice completely different to anyone else.

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