MGMT On Letterman 2013

MGMT took their great LP3 single “Your Life Is A Lie” to the Late Show last night. Dialing down the wackiness of the video just a bit, Andrew Van Wyngarden was dressed like a hipster Captain Caveman and lackadaisically smacked a giant cowbell throughout the performance. It was pretty amusing, but many on Twitter were not impressed. Watch the performance below.

MGMT is out 9/17 on Columbia.

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  1. I don’t understand all of the grief about their performance. It’s not like they didn’t play the song. If you took away the visuals of Van Wyngarden thudding at an oversized cowbell and just heard the audio, would you be just as disappointed? From what I’ve seen of them live, stage presence has never been quite their thing, and I don’t even care for them that much, but Death Grips-ing the audience this was not.

    • The peeps on twitter are holding out for pop-star posturing and a “Kids” rehash. Anything like this is just going to puzzle them.

      • They didn’t even play kids live, right? It was just a backing track and some prancing? This was very amusing. Hard not to smile with the big bell and elton glasses. yes pls.

        • I saw them perform Kids. It sucked, but they played it. Then it was also weird because Weezer was head lining and they did a cover of Kids (which was actually better).

          • seen MGMT a couple times (and again soon at FreeFest – who’s goin’??) and the best sound, not surprisingly, came during the non-electro stuff: It’s Working sounded fantastic as well as Birds, Monsters and Something

  2. oh man i thought it was hysterical, that huge drumstick looked heavy

  3. That was great. I want one of those cowbells. It’s not exactly the most general populace-friendly song, but all things considered, it sounded pretty spot on. Well done. Can’t wait for the album.

  4. That make-up job was great. I couldn’t find Fred Armisen OR Carrie Brownstein…

  5. It’s funny how consistent the hate is for MGMT when they do ANYTHING. Yet the music itself is usually fun, pop-y, and lackadaisical. Everything everybody has said about this performance is probably true. But the record is going to be a pleasure to hear. And I have no major expectations as far as the sound goes.

  6. This doesn’t really have anything to do with their performance, but I did figure out something cool about their album cover

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  8. Hey, I actually LIKE the Black Keys! Cuz they’re not “psychedelic.” I mean, they’re “bluesy,” which is annoying, but they actually ROCK so it’s fine. No one rocks anymore. Indie rock used to be subversive, it used to be IN YOUR FACE and rockin, and now it’s bullshit used for fucking car commercials. I’m sick of it. And then Daniel Blumberg goes and leaves Yuck. OKAY, DANIEL. GUESS YOU WANNA MAKE SHITTY RECORDS THAT DON’T ROCK AND CALL YOURSELF HEBRONIX.

    I mean, come ON.

    And of course I still love all the indie the blogs tell me to love, I love Lana and Phoenix and Vampy Weeks and Arcade Fire and LCD but STILL. Something’s gotta change here. I mean, pretty soon we’re gonna have some hot hipster chick doing nothing but Danzig covers on a fucking fiddle and kazoo and getting a 9.5 from Ian “I Love Pop-Punk But Green Day Sucks” Cohen. (I actually messaged a P4k reviewer on FB once and yelled at her about her fucking 8.5 for a Blur live album. I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For a LIVE ALBUM? I love Blur, but Oasis is my favorite band, so I guarantee Oasis makes a live album, P4k goes, “Liam’s voice sounds horrible and Noel seems disinterested,” but as soooooooon as Damon Albarn does something cool, P4k is about as premature as a high schooler on prom night.) So yeah, watching MGMT makes me angry because I’m a musician and if I got a chance to be on fucking Letterman you’re sure as hell not gonna see me acting like a fucktard wearing idiot 60′s clothes and banging a fucking massive cowbell and then bitching about my fame and how “I make records I wanna make” and blah blah blah. “Congratulations,” MGMT. You suck. Go “smoke grass.”

    I don’t even care that all my shit got downvoted, I’m fucking right. Post-collegiate malaise, baby!

    • How do you feel about 3 Doors Down? I bet you love 3 Doors Down.

    • Why does MGMT always press people’s little red buttons? Musicians do subversive stuff all the time, but for some reason every move Andrew Van Wyngarden makes incites an argument about the merits of Indie music nowadays. It’s just one band, he’s just one dude. Anyways, wouldn’t you play a huge cowbell onstage if you had one?

    • lol that was even better than the first one!

      “…pretty soon we’re gonna have some hot hipster chick doing nothing but Danzig covers on a fucking fiddle and kazoo” hahahahahahahaha

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