The Replacements @ Riot Fest 2013

The Replacements played their first show in 22 years at Riot Fest in Toronto tonight. The lineup consisted of Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson along with Josh Freese and David Mineham, and three Riot Fest sets — in addition to tonight they’ll play 9/15 in Chicago and 9/21 in Denver — are the group’s only announced shows. Check out fan-shot videos and the setlist below.

01 “Takin’ A Ride”

02 “I’m In Trouble”

03 “Favorite Thing”

04 “Hanging Downtown”

05 “Color Me Impressed”

06 “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”

07 “Kiss Me On the Bus”

08 “Androgynous”

09 “Achin’ To Be”

10 “I Will Dare”

11 “Love You ’Til Friday”

12 “Maybellene” (Chuck Berry Cover)

13 “Merry Go Round”

14 “Wake Up”

15 “Borstal Breakout” (Sham 69 Cover)

16 “Little Mascara”

17 “Left Of The Dial”

18 “Alex Chilton”

19 “Swingin’ Party”

20 “Can’t Hardly Wait”

21 “Bastards Of Young”
22 “Everything Is Coming Up Roses”

23 “IOU”

[Photo by Ben Clark]

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  1. I’ll be curling up in a ball and crying for the rest of the day …

  2. Damn they sound great…nice crowd too.

  3. Westerberg forgot lyrics to a couple songs (the crowd filled in), called out Jimi Hendrix’s “bullshit” for claiming Third Stone From The Sun would end surf rock (this is just after they played part of that song as an outro), responded to cheering with “Oh you liked that one? Well we’ve got lots more exactly fucking like it” and gave the biggest possible middle finger to the Toronto crowd by wearing a Montreal Canadians sweater for the encore. Where I was standing you could see J Mascis at the side of the stage, wizard’s hair poking out from under a baseball cap, bopping his head, singing along and air-drumming. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  4. I can’t wait until I’m experiencing this in a few weeks. Should be awesome.

  5. I’m so…satisfied

  6. Yeaaaah if the Replacements could just go ahead and do a full tour around the U.S. that’d be greeeeat. Mmm kay? Thanks.

  7. I was there last night. Such an amazing show! It’s hard to imagine them ever being much better live. Josh Freese was a great choice ..he’s one of the best rock drummers in the world.

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    • Because the two members who are involved are the two that we all care about the most. Seriously, if the Smiths reunited without Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce would anyone be complaining that Morrissey and Johnny Marr were calling themselves the Smiths?

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        • I also think it depends on which band members you’re talking about. Would you have the same complaint with The Stones, The Who or The Cure? Dinosaur Jr. without Lou Barlow or Big Star without Chris Bell? For me, the current versions of The Pixies and New Order cross this line a bit more cause they each lost such a key member. Anyway I was lucky enough to see the show last night and it was anything but a ripoff.

        • Let’s see: Bob is dead, Chris is retired, and Slim had a stroke. If you prefer to call this band “Paul and Tommy Play Their Old Replacements Songs,” feel free. I see no reason to complain. Unless you’re mad that they didn’t get ’91 tour drummer Steve Foley to fill in on drums?

          • Chris and Slim are alive and played on multiple releases. Those are the missing members that would complete the lineup. Unavailable/unwilling members are the reasons an old band’s name is not resurrected. If the band members remain unavailable/unwilling, then you don’t resurrect the name. It’s very simple. The Pixies are wrong to go on without Kim as well…especially after a nine-year reunion. Call it a day, “authentic” punk bands.

        • Sorry but “ripoff” and Mats don’t go together….and street hassle, feel free to represent every giddy Replacement fan that understands how fucking cool this is.

          • That’s exactly my point. “Ripoff” should not be a label that can be tossed at a great band like the Replacements; this is a betrayal of who they were. When the Pixies first got back together and all through the last nine years, if anybody said anything about a “cash grab,” I always defended the band. The show I saw was great, and they had all four members participating. That’s as real and sincere as it gets. If Westerberg and Stinson really want to be up there playing Replacements songs, that’s fine. Just don’t say it’s a Replacements show.

  9. They OPENED with Takin A Ride!? So sick.

  10. This is only great if they decide to go on tour and come somewhere near. Okay, this is still great. Drools.

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