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Right now, Trent Reznor and his reactivated Nine Inch Nails are on a big comeback tour, bringing an elaborate show inspired by the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense, drawing rave reviews from everyone who sees it. But when NIN played England’s gigantic twin Reading and Leeds festivals this past weekend, everything was not to Reznor’s liking.

On Twitter, Reznor called out the Reading promoters and the British rock band Biffy Clyro, set to take the stage after NIN: “Should be an unusual show tonight at Reading… the lying promoter and the band following us (whoever the fuck they are) fucked us on our production.”

Talking to NME, Reading organizer Melvin Benn says, “The truth is there’s no truth in the statement. The contract hasn’t changed since they signed up to it.” Either way, it’s fun to have Reznor talking reckless in public again, and Reading gets the gas face for booking Biffy Clyro after Nine Inch Nails. I know it’s England and England is different, but come on.

[photo by Moses Namkung @ Outside Lands]

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  1. Definitely read “Biffy Clyro” as “Billy Ray Cyrus” at first and now I’m disappointed.

  2. Why is Trent Reznor opening for Biff from Back to the Future? Wait, did someone go back in time to alter history, making Biffs band more popular than Nine Inch Nails? Oh boy, here we go again…

  3. ‘I know it’s England and England is different, but come on.’

    We’re not primitive you know…

    • Shout out to Leeds as that’s where I’m living! Wish I could have seen NIN. But on topic, as much as I love Nine Inch Nails, perhaps it was just due to the ego of opening for a band that many people haven’t heard about. Trent can get his cranky streak in. I don’t understand what the promoter really did though to f***k him. Like an animal.

  4. I’m a huge NIN fan but their draw probably isn’t what it used to be (even if this is their big “comeback” tour). I know Biffy Clyro is huge in the UK (though almost nobody in the Us) so them headlining isn’t that surprising. However, it seems that the promoter wasn’t very clear on what was possible from a production standpoint.

  5. I know I’m in the minority, but I fucking hate Trent Reznor. He’s an overrated, overexposed whiny little bitch and a hack songwriter. I’m ready for him to just go back to scoring movies and making albums with his wife.

    • “Overrated, overexposed…. hack songwriter”
      “Go back to scoring movies”

      So you want him to go back to making Oscar award winning music for movies, but claim he’s overrated and terrible at writing music….

      The work he did on those Fincher Flicks was excellent, at least as good as what Cliff Martinez has been doing. Clearly if he can do these things he’s got some ideas left in the tank.

      You can’t deny the effect that Pretty Little Hate Machine had on the pop landscape, and I still hear new songs clearly influenced by his style (See: Disclosure & Jessie Ware’s Close to Me). Its one thing to say hes a whiny bitch, but there’s a reason you’re in the minority if you think hes a “hack.”

  6. Biffy Clyro happen to be the only rock band in the charts nowadays and NIN are just a shower of ageing has-beens trying to stir something up!

  7. I’ve met Melvin before and all he does is talk out of his arse, so not surprised if he screwed NIN over with their visuals. NIN being sandwiched between FOB and Boring Clyro is one of the main reasons I pulled off getting a day ticket. Glad I did now given their setlist.

  8. Reznor looks like a hobbit in this picture

  9. Team NIN all the way.

  10. Hey everyone! Do you think Coldplay is too edgy and there is just too much rock for you to handle? You do. Well we have a band for you and it’s Biffy Clyro. We promise your neck will never be sore from head banging. This is a super duper crappy band.

    • I don’t have a dog in this fight, but to infer that Coldplay rocks harder than Biffy Clyro is way off base. It would lead me to believe that you’ve never actually heard their songs (save “Many of Horror”, which is where your opinion probably comes from). Almost anything of a Biffy Clyro album has a ton more balls than even Coldplay’s hardest rocking song (read: none of them, they do not rock, not even politely).

      • Ha! Fair enough. I did listen to four of their songs on Spotify and based off of that I just can’t do it. Something about her “washing away your sins” and “I am a mountain” Shudders. I live in the Midwest and am inundated with Christian “rock”. We don’t need help from Scotland.

  11. Missed a prime opportunity to categorize this article under “Where’s the Biff?”

  12. I used to think this mooch had talent…

    …guess it explains why his music was pure trash for all these years…

    …just waiting for more people to leach off of…


  13. Welcome to the ”Troll of the Month” club Dylan! *bear claps*.

  14. NIN hasn’t done a good record in two decades. Biffy Clyro put out one this year. Much better band in 2013. Sorry, Trent. You’re a bum.

    • Tried to post the myriad 9/10 reviews, which also btw go out of their way to mention Reznor’s influence in modern music, but the bot won’t let me. Google ‘Hesitation Marks review’. As for Blyfly Clclyo…..why hasn’t anyone outside your tiny island heard of them before?


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