Eminem - "Berzerk"

Last night Eminem announced the sequel to 2000′s Marshall Mathers LP during two Beats By Dre commercials during the MTV Video Music Awards. The album’s first single, “Berzerk,” samples Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” and just premiered on Eminem’s SiriusXM station Shade 45. Listen below.

“Berzerk” is out digitally at midnight tonight. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 arrives 11/5 via Aftermath/Interscope.

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  1. KFed?!? Well at least he’s staying current

  2. Yeah, pretty sure everyone will agree that he’s basically ripping off and re-hashing the “License to Ill” era beasties.

  3. Not many songs are so bad to the point where I’m angry, this one is.

  4. This is so pathetically wrong.

  5. Not that I was expecting otherwise, but wow, this is REALLY bad.

  6. Rick Rubin’s crate apparently consists of only Billy Squire records.


  8. Kendrik: “rapraprappityraprap” –> internet: “OHHH SHITTTT”

    Eminem: “rapraprapityraprap” –> internet: “This is shit.”

    I’m not saying this is *very* good, but the internet asked for “barz” and they got it.

    Also: this is kinda good in a “remember when white people rapped very silly? those were good days” way.

    • You seem to be saying that all rap is more or less the same thing and that the extremely negative and positive reactions are silly. But lets get it straight that there is a huge difference between Berzerk and Control, just like there is a huge difference between Creed (rockity,rock, sing) and Pearl Jam (rockity, sing rock)

      • right right right, no intention to compare the tracks sonically. There is a shared “lyrics over everything”/”angry loud rap real fast” ethic that characterizes both tracks. When Kendrick dropped his track, there was a lot of talk about a “return to lyricism” (which is both kind of specious and not really the point in rap right now), and Eminem isn’t quoteunquote lyrical but he’s very lyrics focused. Same people that were psyched about Kendrick’s “rap fast and loud” approach are in arms about Eminem. Pro’lly cause the latter sounds like a dick all the time but whatever I think it’s fun.

        • I would argue that Eminem is “skill focused” and not “lyrics focused”. He’s very interested in showing off how technically skilled he is at rapping, but do a quick read of the lyrics to Berserk- the song’s not about anything. It’s a whole lot of words about a whole lot of nothing. I think it was the Pitchfork review of Recovery which argued that, for all of latter-day Eminem’s technical proficiency, there is a surprising lack of quotable or memorable lines. There is more to being “lyrics focused” than rapping fast and loud.

  9. Eminem is at least consistent in being the fucking worst.

  10. 1) This song is horrible.

    2) It’s like Em has devolved into a late 90s self-parody of “white rap”. I feel like I should be playing cornhole and getting buzzed off of Natty Light while listening to this.

    3) That being said, has Eminem ever released a first single that wasn’t borderline unlistenable? “My Name Is” was sort of a fun novelty record, but everything since has been roughly equivalent to the idiocy of “Berzerk”, so there’s still hope that the rest of the album will be more palatable.

    But I’m not holding my breath. I’ll always contend that Eminem is one of the most technically gifted rappers in history, but has never released a true, honest to god classic album. MMLP sold a lot of copies and introduced large swaths of white America to virtuosic “lyrical” rap, but it’s a bloated mess.

  11. I’m think people are missing the fact that most of this song is referencing older artists and trends, as well as sampling older material/artists. I’m pretty sure it’s the entire song is about looking back in order to have a good time now, “before we kick the bucket”. “Are you bozos smart enough to feel stupid? Hope so.” Other than that, it’s just an old school Eminem shit talking song. He rips on the Kardashians, Lamar Odom and Birdman, too. ALL THAT being said, the chorus is the best thing about the whole song.

  12. My first thought when I heard this was “Is this Eminem’s way of getting (very belated) revenge on all the late 90′s/early 00′s schlocky, white rap-rockers who tried to make careers apeing him, while having zero talent to back it up? By apeing them right back?” Seriously, this sounds like something Hollywood Undead or the Kottonmouth Kings would’ve come up with. Also, Rick Rubin shouldn’t do hip-hop records ever again.

  13. this is one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard

  14. As a resident of the metro Detroit area, I am obligated to try my absolute best to squeeze out some sliver of anything positive about this song.

    Which I cannot.

    At least you all won’t have to hear it absolutely everywhere you go for the next 6-8 months.

  15. I made an account just so I could add that I really like the first six, seven seconds. After that, with the talking parts and the sampling better rappers part, it just goes straight to hell without a return ticket.

  16. Eminem new album is already leaked in private forums with quality 320kbps.
    I reuploaded it and it’s ready for download.
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  17. Shoutout to the Illuminati for trying to re-vitalize Eminem, please just leave him obscurity.

    The stupidest part about the psychology you’re missing on factoring is human nature, that when you artificially create something it will never have that natural feel that Nature has; Parable? No matter what bowl you put a shark in he will get sick & die early because his enviroment is Un Natural.

    You guys do not & will not “do” or “know what the people want” because the people do not want your self-absorbed, bland & forced last attempts to milk Mathers for what he’s worth… Might as well go back to your lady gaga’s & big sean’s, even though nobody really cares for their fake personalities either.

    – AntiIlluminata

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