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When TV On The Radio dropped their incredible new song “Mercy” on us last month, it came with the caveat that there were no (official) plans for a new LP. However, along with “Mercy,” they mentioned another new song, “Million Miles.” Indeed, “Million Miles” has been a part of the band’s recent live sets, including their performance at FYF Fest this past Saturday, and today, the studio version of that song has been revealed. It’s a delicate, layered, swooning ballad, a million miles (pun intended!) removed from the scorching “Mercy.” But it’s more or less equally wonderful.

Download the stems for this song here.

UPDATE: There’s a video, too.

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  1. This song is just wonderful.

  2. Coming out with two of the most amazing songs I’ve heard all year and then not releasing an album would just be cruel.

    Come on, TV On The Radio. Come on!

  3. i want an album, but i’ll settle for a mercy/million miles 7in

  4. It’s a little crazy to even say this – considering their wonderful back catalog – but this might be one of the best song’s they’ve done. It’s quite beautiful.

  5. I’m…not so hot on this as the rest of you. I’ve always enjoyed the more lyrically subdued TV on the Radio songs, and I mean “subdued” in the sense of them having maximum poetic value with as little words cluttering the music as possible, especially if we’re talking about a Kyp Malone vocal track like this one, as his voice is just so dominant. TV on the Radio writes some of the fucking best lyrics and melodies you’ll ever hear in music period, not just indie rock or pop or whatever else, and it’s absolutely bizarre that they can even fit suitable music around them. I mean sometimes I fucking cry when I listen to Desperate Youth or Cookie Mountain.

    I just feel like I can’t focus on anything when all I hear is babbling over a little piano melody chugging along to an 80-or-something BPM 4/4 beat. Mercy is great though.

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