Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian have a new release The Third Eye Center, a collection of B-sides, rarities and remixes — and now they have a new music video to go with it. Hannah Murray (who plays Gilly on Game Of Thrones, and is also on Skins) essentially plays the Catherine Deneuve role in a twee version of Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. Put another way, things are about to get very strange for Murray’s character. Her wallpaper is getting all flowery, when she tries to order a shot of vodka it turns into a adorable tea cup, and she’s constantly haunted by the image of some handsome Scottish gent. It all wraps up in a nice Shining-esque ending that’s about as cute as it is unsettling.

The Third Eye Center is out today on Matador. Read our Deconstructing feature on the band here.

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  1. She was the worst actress for this…

  2. i normally hear “remix” and gag, but this actually floated what i always thought was a weak B&S track into something really neat, with still keeping all the actual band’s parts still on it. Now i’m hoping Murdoch writes more songs like this and not the crap on “Write about love” or “Life pursuit”, etc….

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