The Burlies

Not content with simply sitting back and enjoying the waves of attention directed at a new Dismemberment Plan album, Travis Morrison’s other band, the Burlies, has just released a new song, “The Ocean.” This band has quietly been playing shows and recording this summer, and this is their first release in anticipation of their debut, American Hairlines EP (no release date yet). The track is a nice stomping rock song, and comparatively sloppier and sludgier than what you usually get from the D-Plan. It’s also another chance to sit in awe of how Morrison’s voice has remained seemingly unchanged for the last 10+ years. Listen.

Thanks to Alex for the tip!

Comments (3)
  1. You’re not kidding about Travis’ voice being ageless. He sounds exactly like he did on Is Terrified, which was 16 years ago.

  2. this is very good, not radically different to the Plan.

  3. hardly transcendent. Annoying if anything.

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