Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals"

Earlier this week, Revolt revealed that “Bitter Rivals,” the first single and apparent title track from Sleigh Bells’ third LP, will be available on next Tuesday 9/3. Now, thanks to an early listing on Amazon, you can hear a preview of the song. Take a listen here.

CDUniverse suggests Bitter Rivals will be out 10/8 via Mom & Pop.

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  1. Sounds like 311

    • I’m guessing you meant that as a negative, but somehow “Sounds like 311″ makes me even more excited to hear this. Wish I saw before the link went bust…

  2. Eww no. That was not good.

  3. Concerning.

  4. …because we can judge based on a shitty-quality, 30 second cut

  5. The song is (not so surprisingly) down now, though this comment section is not filling me with hope. And I was hoping for something better than that M.I.A. preview.
    Oh well, back to listening to Anna Calvi’s album trailer on repeat…

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