Last night, Fiona Apple performed at a Louis Vuitton event in Tokyo but left the stage quickly after becoming frustrated with the attendees. The event celebrated a new exhibition at the city’s Tokyo Station Hotel (which is also where the performance took place) called Timeless Muses that honors women like Sofia Coppola, Kate Moss, and Catherine Deneuve, among others. The chatty crowd irritated Apple and it inspired her to interrupt her own set by climbing atop the grand piano she was performing at and ask them for some quiet, going so far as to dare them to be silent for as long as the noise from a bell she rung. When the audience’s noise persisted, she demanded that they “shut the fuck up” as she continued her set. Again, her request was not met and she continued to ream the audience, screaming, “Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the fuck?” before storming off stage. Reps from Louis Vuitton have declined to comment.

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  1. That’s the Fiona I know.

  2. I like the attitude.

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    • im pretty sure youre actually the only big dad in this conversation

    • I’m kind of surprised Joshua is getting so many downvotes. I think his point is just that sometimes audiences suck, and that as a performing musician, that is a reality of life and something you need to put up with occasionally. It doesn’t excuse the actions of the disrespectful audience in the least. But that’s a separate issue. The issue here is the performer overcoming / ignoring / persevering through the disrespectful audience. Because, as Joshua pointed out, we can only assume there were Fiona Apple fans in that audience who did want to hear her play.

      I mean, I’ve attended some shows with some shitty people in the audience. It can be highly annoying. But I’m thankful that whatever act I was seeing didn’t storm off the stage each time as a result.

      • Okay, I re-read this article, this time paying a bit closer attention. I guess this wasn’t your typical pay-to-attend Fiona Apple headlining concert. But that doesn’t altogether change the point of my post, I don’t think.

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    • When you feel like your art isn’t truly being heard by an appreciative audience, you respond however you want to. That’s your dignity.

      • If the world actually worked that way we would live in a totally anarchist society where nothing ever got done.

        • We’re not talking about factory unions here, these are performers in the arts. If they have a problem with the venue and/or crowd, why would you willingly let them continue with the performance unhappy and agitated? Is that really what you expect when you go to a gig? A hollow performance that’s just proceeding to fulfil contractual obligations? Chapelle would never do that. Keith Jarrett would never do that. It’s not like Fiona needs the money or exposure anyhow.

          • Ok scratch that last point; I don’t know her financial situation. But she sure as hell didn’t need the lauds of those fashion industry minglers and insiders.

  6. It’s called respect. You don’t go to watch a show, especially one as intimate as Fiona Apple and have a chat with your neighbor. Respect the artist.

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    • As someone who is a fellow performer, yeah, you might get paid…but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate bullshit that throws off your performance. Even though a lot of these people were chatting, I know that talkers can be incredibly distracting in a performance setting. They throw you off, and then that throws the rest of the audience off…it’s a vicious cycle. Defending shitty audiences just because they paid to be there is a bit ridiculous.

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        • I think it’s all relative and depends on the artist. If they’re a punk band, then yeah, you would expect the crowd to behave in an uproarious manner–and rather than distracting the band, that might fuel their performance. On the other end of the spectrum would be something like a classical music concert, during which audience silence would be the norm. Fiona Apple is of course not a classical artist, but as someone above pointed out, her music is of an intimate nature that should command some amount of audience cooperation.

          • Apparently Johnny Rotten stormed off the stage once when he started touring with PiL. Guess the punks were doin their customary thing and spittin on the stage before PiL started playin and then continued to spit on Rotten when PiL came out.

            He looks up, and with what I imagine to be the most fiery voice possible, sneers “I’M NOT YOUR BLOODY SPITTOON” and storms off.

            So it’s funny, even the most abrasive performers can get annoyed and catty, though that’s a bit extreme gettin used as a bloody spitoon.

            I wonder if G.G. Allin stopped a show cus of the crowds’ poor behavior lol.

  8. It’s time for a Fiona Apple/Dave Chappelle tour.

  9. If it is so predictable, then why did she sign up for a fashion show in the first place?

    • You wrote what I was thinking in the first place. Their attitude was as predictable as hers. If she did it for the money, then shut up, do your job and get the f… out.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but she cancelled her brazillian shows last year where hundreds of fans were waiting to see her live for the first time ever (a crowd that would pay attenton only to her) and then goes to Japan for a fashion show to a crowd that doesn’t know her name.

      • Don’t even get me started on the Brazil cancellation. I get her personal reasons, but not backing up by scheduling new shows was quite brutal to a loyal audience that has never seen her. I love Fiona, and I understand her in this case, but yeah, what gives, woman? You still owes us one show.

  10. Yeah, I don’t think anyone at a Louis Vuitton fashion show vip party paid to see her. These were not your usual concert attendees and it was most likely filled with industry people who could give two shits and were blasé about the whole thing and her performing.

    • Hit submit too soon – she probably thought the event would be a little more her style/audience based on the women being honored.

  11. This is like Morrissey throwing a fit on stage, which is a bonus if you get to see it happen in person haha. I saw Morrissey at Coachella fest in ’09 & he threw a fit over being able to smell the cooking meat from the nearby food booths & stormed off the stage. He was professional enough to come back out 5-10 mins. later & finish his set though since he knew he was on contract & more than likely wouldn’t get paid if he didn’t. I was so happy to witness his fit since I’d only heard about it. It was amazing!

    Obviously Fiona didn’t care if she got paid, but I guess that’s not always a priority for some artists.

    • that’s so funny, i wish Morrissey got mad when i saw him.

      it’s just hilarious thinking of him getting a waft of meat scent while singing a line and a look of the most ugly disgust immediately spreads across his face.

      Also like how he came back after pr*ckin’ off, that’s just icing on the cake.

      • Yea I was laughing & I’ve been a longtime fan since his Smiths days. It was even the first time I’d ever seen him so I was in awe since his voice live in person was just incredible. So I felt it was quite an honor to see him throw his fit. But even so I still found the humor in him doing so.

  12. she did the right thing.
    more artists should have the balls to do that.

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  15. It’s cool for Fiona to do this, she earned it, but I always find it hilarious when the avant garde acoustic guitarist playin a college basement show starts goin all Diva on crowds.

    “Guyyyys could you stop yr arbitrary, superficial convos to focus in on my wind music? Great, now that I have your attention, here’s a piece about Appalacian Feet, i sampled some rocks in it-hold up, let me get my computer goin, aw why isn’t Garageband working…”

    [Performer then storms off dramatically when somebody asks somebody else if they want a beer]

    [Audience chuckles or looks at eachother like, "was that guy a goofus or was that guy a goofus?"]

  16. new fiona album title: Predictable Fashion (What the Fuck?)

  17. Let your music speak for you.

  18. This is exactly how I feel when I pay a fortune to try to enjoy a Sting concert at the Hollywood Bowl and every fucker around me won’t shut the fuck up. Go stand at the bar and talk…especially for acoustic type of events. Some people can tune white noise out. Fiona (nor myself) can’t.

    • This is just one of many reasons why I prefer not to see a show at the Hollywood Bowl. Too many annoying chatty people around me, seating usually too far from the stage unless I pay an arm and a leg to be down there, and it’s not intimate enough.

  19. She took this gig for a lot of money probably. Should have know what she was getting into. If she wanted love from the crowd she shouldn’t have cancelled all of those gigs for the thousands of fans that would kill to see her

  20. Fiona Grips or Death Apple?

  21. Well, I’m guessing her predictable fashion paycheck won’t clear the bank then. But seriously, WTF was she expecting? The fashion industry is filled with some of the most vapid, self-centered human beings on Earth. More than that, they’re pretty damn open and up front about it. If you got to that kind of event it’s going to be non-stop, wall-to-wall schmoozing. That’s why everyone is there.

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  23. The most vapid, empty people in the world work in the fashion industry. They don’t give a shit about art, or any artist unless they’re super famous and in the now. What did she expect? She should have stripped naked or start singing The Man from Nantucket or something, she could have taken this opportunity to sing to these people just what shit they are.

  24. Have some respect yall or did your mamas not teach you right?

  25. I can’t really fault her, but I mean, it’s a Louis Vuitton fashion show. Surely she should have known that the crowd were going to be a pack of absolute douches.

  26. Despite all the hive-mind groupthink which is always ever-present on this website, I think this showed a huge lack of maturity and restraint. It was also full of undisguised hatred and vitriol and just furthers justification for this woman getting the eff out of the industry and getting alright with the world/her enormous ego.

    Miley Cyrus on the other-hand was at another, different completely vapid fashion show and was just having a good time and yet was straight crucified worldwide for her lack of maturity and restraint even though there was nothing mean-spirited or hateful about what she did. I guess people are a lot more terrified of flaunting sexuality than flaunting uncontrolled psychotic behavior. Weird.

  27. Not for nothing, but didn’t she know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to do this show?

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