Kanye plays a wedding

According to TMZ, Kanye West was paid around three million dollars this weekend to perform at a wedding in Kazakhstan. Kanye was invited by President Nursultan Nazarbayev; it was the President’s grandson’s wedding. TMZ also notes that “Kazakhstan’s prez is reportedly worth billions, and is considered by some to be an ardent dictator who rigs elections.” Check out a quick video below, snapped by a wedding attendee on Saturday night in Almaty at the Hotel Royal Tulip. Also below, some selfies snapped by attendees while Kanye was playing, via Consequence of Sound.

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  1. everyone has a price, Borat included.

  2. good for him. glad he’s snapped out of his little “y’all can’t control me” phase. get that money my good man.

  3. At this point, so many artists have done concerts for dictators that I can’t help but feel that they get those artists in the first place as an act of trolling the rest of the world. I bet Nursultan Nazarbayev and Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov have talked about this over drinks and shared a good, long laugh over getting people like Kanye and Jennifer Lopez to play private concerts for them.

    Also, do these people actually listen to the artists they hire? Or do they pick them just to show off? At least when I thought of Berdymukhamedov, what used to come up wasn’t “dictator oppressing all minorities – to the point of torturing homosexuals – who sees every dissident and political opposition as traitors who ought be punished with life imprisonment or death and… who likes to shake his booty to On The Floor”.

    Well, I guess can see Nazarbayev knowing the lyrics to “Power”…

  4. I’ve gotta speak on this. Feelin REAL compelled.
    First, I love kanye’s music. It’s probably my favourite from the past 10 years. But one thing I really have a difficult time tolerating with yeezy is the virtuous hypocrisy. And its chronic as fucking type 1 diabetes. Lets be really fucking real here – shunning corporate sponsorship to play gigs for grade A undemocratic pricks has got to be some of the most disgusting, money grubbing, unscrupulous shit I have ever heard of. Maybe it’s not the whole story, but regardless he is there doing this, making money – even if they were holding Scott dickick captive it wouldn’t be justified.

    Listen, I get it. Sometimes you’ve just gotten play a bunch of bullshit to sell the record. It happened with 808′s when Kanye said he was “pop art” now. Which clearly carried into the Campbell’s tomato soup theme that was my beautiful dark twisted fantasy.

    NOT. DUH.

    then we get the bullshit “oh shit son, I only wear basic clothes now, fam. I’m so real.” Don’t make a grant statement on who you are as a person if its some of the most transient shit ever. Just have fun with your make believe, down to earth character for a few days and then step back to reality, rabbit, and comes to terms with the fact that you’re a slave to the Ty dolla sign. Moving that pool to the other side of the yard isn’t going to be paid by shunning the suit and tie. LEAN ON THAT YE, YOU OWN IT HA

    • What bothers me is the complete ignorance behind the act. It can’t be scruples, or else he wouldn’t do it, even if he didn’t have any, because it would take a complete lack of self-awareness of public image (which is not the case with Kanye, as impulsive and stupid as he can be a lot of the time). In the end, it’s plain ignorance. A lot of the time when these artists do this, i truly believe they didn’t know. But it terrible they feel that not knowing takes away culpability. The moment you get such a big pay for a private event, you MUST be aware of where you are getting into. Being shallow doesn’t make you innocent in the end of the day, you’re still an accomplice as you chose to conveniently ignore any facts that could get in the way. And honestly, in this day and age, i don’t know why people keep doing this, because it in the end it just makes them look worst when it’s easy to prevent situations like that from happening with all the information we can have in a second, and most of the time, it’s not like they really need the money.

      I still love his music, and I’m not gonna stop listening to him or whatever, but the conflicting extremes of being a Kanye fan can get tiring sometimes, and he certainly isn’t helping by indulging whims of dictators.

    • So so so true.

      His “new slave” shtick is such a load of shit, considering how easily he volunteers for all of these opportunities. As long as there’s money, principle and integrity aren’t invited to the party.

      “yo, I don’t understand why TMZ is all on my d, I thought having a baby with a Kardashian (who’s existence depends on TMZ and all the shallow, mindless viewers to keep the interest an a talent-less “celebrity” alive) would fix dat”

  5. Kanye West is my favourite, but fuck everything about this.

  6. “Fuck you and your corporation! Y’all niggas can’t control me. I know that we the new slaves.”
    “Here’s three million dollars.”
    “Yes, massa. I be good, massa. I don’t make no trouble no more.”

    • seems… racist

      • I can understand why that would be your gut reaction — because obviously someone using the black slave dialect from Uncle Tom’s Cabin out of nowhere to characterize modern-day black speech would be racist. But that’s not what I’m trying to do here. It’s worth noting that the speaker in the above post is a specific human being, from which no general principles or sweeping assertions about race can be extrapolated. Two, the dialect isn’t a non sequitur because Kanye has previously characterized others as “new slaves” in contrast to his anti-authoritarian stance. I was sure to mention that line. The dialect, in context, is meant to be Kanye deliberately AFFECTING an outsized rendition of servility in order to demonstrate the vastness of his hypocrisy. But if I offended anyone, I’m sorry.

  7. kanye doesn’t care about kazakh people!

  8. Guess he’s a new slave.

  9. “The conflicting extremes of being a Kanye fan can get tiring sometimes, and he certainly isn’t helping by indulging whims of dictators.” The conflicting extremes are a big reason I stopped listening to him after ‘Yeezus’ came out. :\

  10. How does that song New Slaves go again?

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