The Weeknd - Kiss Land

Abel Tesfaye, the heart-stomped hedonist crooner behind the Weeknd, became a star on the back of the three mixtapes he released in 2011, and now he’s finally ready to release Kiss Land, his major-label debut. And listening to the album now, Tesfaye hasn’t altered his sound for mass consumption at all; he’s still bemoaning lost innocence through a weigthless, gorgeously-rendered soundworld that drones as much as it flutters. We’ve already posted a bunch of the album’s songs — the title track, “Belong To The World,” “Love In The Sky,” the Drake collab “Live For” — and now the entire LP is streaming online. Listen to Kiss Land at NPR.

Kiss Land is out 9/10 on Republic.

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  1. Like him or not, this boy continually could care less about running with the pop 40 pack, which makes this listen even more refreshing to experience. It’s an album that is greater as a sum of parts rather that picking out individual tracks. He’s still sultry, still profane at an almost discomforting level, and has a great ability to suck you into his demented environment with incredible and unconventional rhythm. It was almost a letdown when you get deep into this album and Drake briefly shows up.

    Ya know, its funny, we all continually hop on new and ground breaking artists when their almighty debut albums shake us up only to watch them eventually sag into a plight of overexposure and over-produced meat grinder pop over time. Then, we toss them to the side once they blow up at The Grammy’s. I hope we continue to huddle around Tesfaye and just let him breathe in his creativity. We’ll all be better off if we do.

    • I actually thought the production was a bit less foggy and the lyrics a bit more focused. I appreciate it, because he keeps his identity in this transaction, and because I don’t expect him to be hazy every time. This not House Of Balloons, but it doesn’t have to be and it still comes close enough that makes this a very compelling listen.

      I agree with you said about letting artists breathe. There are little moments were you get the sense Abel has matured even though he still indulges in excess, as his self-awareness comes from a slightly different perspective. And the production work is still excellent. I do think Abel is talented and I do hope he continues to delve in personal and sonic identity in his own terms.

  2. That title. jesus

  3. Better than I was expecting with those first two singles… Definitely agree its better as a sum of its parts.

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