Pixies - EP-1

Almost a decade after they first reunited, and 22 years after their final album Trompe Le Monde, the Pixies are back with a brand-new studio release, with absolutely no warning, and you can buy the fucker now. On the band’s website, they’re selling a new EP called EP-1 — a title that suggests there’s even more of this on the way. They recorded it in Wales, with Gil Norton producing and someone called Ding playing bass. “Bagboy,” the new song that the band released earlier this summer, isn’t on the EP. Instead, all four songs are brand-new. And one of them, “Indie Cindy,” already has a music video. The song swings back and forth between classic Black Francis ranting and sudden spangly beauty, and on first listen, it’s easily the best song that the Pixies have put together since reuniting. The song’s video, from directors Lamar + Nik, jumps around temporally to tell a murder story. Watch the video and check out the EP’s tracklist below.

01 “Andro Queen”
02 “Another Toe In The Ocean”
03 “Indie Cindy”
04 “What Goes Boom”

Buy EP-1, in a few different formats, here.

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  1. Holy shit.

  2. It’s got Frank Black all over it, I’ll give you that, but it doesn’t really sound like a Pixies song, though.

  3. Meh, it just seems wrong. Like the Velvet Underground releasing a new EP.

    • Meh is one of those words that I will be happy to see fade in to oblivion. It adds an air of smarminess to what ever it precedes. Kill this word.

      And shame on these musicians for creating new music. They should be happy to play and replay the music they created years ago over and over again.

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  5. This song is great! Like Robert Pollard and Will Oldham it is up to Charles Thompson, the songwriter, to call his song Pixies, Frank Black, Black Francis or whatever he wants. In this case he is playing with two people from the Pixies so why not? The same people get mad when Guided By Voices release albums without Tobin Sprout.

  6. Wait…people are complaining because it sounds too much like a Pixies song?

    Screw that, I think that this song is fuckin’ great!

    Plus, it’s got the line “you put the cock in cocktail”!!

    If Paul and Tommy record something that sounds even remotely like a Replacements song, then I will be a very happy music geek.

  7. Song is sweet. Haters, take a walk.

  8. Hey! Keep it coming, Pixies. New music is great.

  9. I feel like the internet was invented so some assholes can type “meh” at everything. This song is great.

  10. Great song and the video has a nice David Lynch tone to it.

  11. So did Kim leave because she didn’t want to do new music? Or maybe she didn’t like the new music? Very confusing to me, because the last couple songs have been quite good.

    Funny aside, small bits of this song reminded me of the Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer, two bands who obviously owe a debt to The Pixies (Weezer in particular).

  12. Anyone else peep that destructive Pitchfork review today? Ouch.

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