Earlier today we heard a brand new one from Arctic Monkeys “I Want It All,” but the band has now released their entire upcoming album AM to stream in full. The LP features previously-heard cuts “Why’d You Always Call Me When You’re High?,” “Do I Wanna Know?,” and “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You.” Stream the album at iTunes and check out non-album track “2013.”

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  1. I am really enjoying this. sure, it’s different than what I expected, but this album is so well made it’s hard not to love it. will probably listen on repeat for the next week(s).

    Also, are we sure Thomas Mars isn’t on this? the chorus of Arabella sure sounds like him

  2. They were definitely listening to War Pigs a bunch when they wrote the chorus for Arabella.

  3. With this album and “Suck It and See”, AM are really hitting their stride.

  4. FYI “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You” is also a non-album track (it’s the b-side of “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High”)

  5. This is a perfect happy medium between the crunch of Humbug and the soothing songs on Suck It And See.

  6. Alex Turner is great like always but FUCK the instrumentation on this thing is great. When it wants to be heavy, its pretty fucking heavy and when it wants to be groovy, its like Turner’s comparison to this album being like a Dr. Dre beat at times. It just has so much swagger. Helders is a really, really fantastic drummer.

  7. Diggin it. I feel like it this album sits in a similar spot in their discography that El Camino occupies for the Black Keys; bunch of no bull catchy well written rock songs. Lots of meat and potatoes if you will.

  8. I know Turner is a interesting and creative lyricist, but it’s the way he delivers his lyrics which is so unique to me. The melodies he finds and the rhythm he has is very special.

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