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Last week, during a performance at a Louis Vuitton event in Tokyo, Fiona Apple got fed up with a chatty audience. We reported that she cussed the crowd out and stormed offstage. But apparently, we were missing an important piece of the puzzle: According to Apple, she only stormed offstage after she’d already finished her set. Apple made a statement about the show in an email to a friend of hers, Roots drummer and bandleader ?uestlove. ?uesto then posted the statement online; check it out below.

if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, if you could tweet to the twits who call themselves journalists(example Chris Martins of sit-and-Spin Magazine) that I FINISHED MY SET!!! I did my job, and they should do theirs too–They all miss the fact that there is a difference between the back-of-the-room-chatter that is simply annoying,–and the operatic drunken blather, or the heckling that is really just INTERRUPTING that makes it impossible for us to do our jobs. I hope your readers are already hip to the fact that they are consistently lied to… no apologies. -Fiona.

(via Okayplayer)

We’re going to have to use the sit-and-Spin thing everytime we see Spin guys in the hallway now.

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  1. Sit-and-SPIN is one of my favorite publications, right next to Stereodumb, Pitchfart, Trolling Stone and Consequence of Caca Sound. If you don’t agree, then you’re just a big meanie head!

  2. I wonder if Spin will print this.

  3. “Stereogum is a member of Spin Music, a division of SpinMedia”

  4. What I don’t get is, why call out a writer from SPIN magazine – a magazine that has been nothing but good to Fiona in recent years?

    Having said that, I’m kinda glad she did. SPIN has been growing more and more pretentious while the quality of their writing has been diminishing.

  5. I wish she would just own up to her tantrums. I’ve seen one of her tantrums on stage before and she needs no shame in them. It makes for a great show. Love Fiona!!!!!

  6. Although I know she is prone to hissyfits, I think she is right on in this statement, playground talk and all ; ) Assholes do like to talk loudly during a performance and ruin the experience not only for the artist, but for the people around them that are actually trying to listen to the damn music that they paid to see.

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