There were too many good music videos this week. Moby escaped the usual Wayne Coyne acid-reflux and made something fun and pretty and way friendlier than most of Coyne’s recent fare. TV On The Radio turned a meteor into a sympathetic character. They Might Be Giants taught pieces of broccoli how to play air guitar. Empire Of The Sun made their glam-alien schtick way more human and pathetic and interesting. I enjoyed all those videos enormously. I just enjoyed the videos below more.

5. Katy Perry – “Roar” (Dir. Grady Hall & Mark Kudsi)

If only the ending to Lost had been this satisfying. (I’m worried, however, that I’m getting an inaccurate image of Nokia smartphones’ durability and battery life.)

4. Team Spirit – “Phenomenon” (Dir. HannesJohannes)

An epic saga concludes with the sight of a dicknosed Nazi lady being sucked down a portal to hell, after the guy from the ’80s Big Mac commercials shoots Hitler’s brain through the back of its skull. So yeah, they stuck the landing.

3. Sleigh Bells – “Bitter Rivals” (Dir. Sleigh Bells)

Alexis Krauss is such a vivid, charismatic presence that she doesn’t need the little dancing kid or the backup chicks who do the synchronized Kool-Aid wig-flips. But she has them anyway. Take notes.

2. G-Dragon – “Coup D’Etat” (Dir. Suh Hyun Seung)

K-pop boy genius comes gunning for Nicki Minaj’s “evolutionary Missy Elliott” crown, gets beat from Diplo and Baauer, makes four-minute Jodorowsky movie. And it’s still not the week’s best movie, because amazing things happen all the time.

1. Dizzee Rascal – “I Don’t Need A Reason” (Dir. Emile Sornin)

It’s been a week, and my brain has still not recovered. Help.

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  1. That Katy Perry video was atrocious but I forgive you since I will never be in a bad mood after watching that Dizzee Rascal video.

    • It’s actually one of her worst videos. I’m not a Katy hater, but come on. It’s not even the fact it’s silly and ridiculous (that’s actually a plus, as it would’ve been even worse had it lacked sense of humor). It’s just… stupid. And not really well shot or anything. Sure, Katy is hot in the video. But she’s hot in ALL her videos. Odd that this got singled out. Even Katy Perry herself can do better than this.

    • I think it’s just cuz that song kinda kicks ass. Cuz it does. Kinda.

  2. Dizzie Rascal and G-Dragon really bring it with their videos, don’t they? Absolutely deserving of top 2.


  4. You need a spear to catch a banana, Katy?

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