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This week we ranked Coldplay’s discography from worst to best then got to hear the band’s Catching Fire anthem “Atlas.” Also this week Derek and Alexis from OG BTW Sleigh Bells dropped “Bitter Rivals,” one of our favorite new songs and videos. We spoke with Janelle Monáe, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Dirty Beaches & Dum Dum Girls. We highlighted 10 new album streams you should check out and listed the 10 best Mastodon songs. Now it’s Friday and we’re only a few days away from Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor”! Look for the video here Monday at 9PM and the vinyl in these cities, probably. Your best and worst comments of the week, which are mostly about Fiona Apple, are below.



Andrew Burr | Aug 31st Score:11

Did you try turning it off and on again?

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Michael Hanna | Sep 1st Score:11

This sounds like an Onion story.

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Tyler Emken | Sep 3rd Score:13

I love, LOVE, Viva La Vida. I do not feel like I have to apologize for liking that record at all.

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#7 seanpen15 | Sep 3rd Score:13

That’s just another way of ranking them all #1.

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#5 lobster dog | Aug 30th Score:15

I like the attitude.

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#4 raptor jesus | Aug 30th Score:16

If it is so predictable, then why did she sign up for a fashion show in the first place?

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Michael Hanna | Aug 30th Score:17

It’s time for a Fiona Apple/Dave Chappelle tour.

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#2 michael_ | Sep 4th Score:17

Sit-and-SPIN is one of my favorite publications, right next to Stereodumb, Pitchfart, Trolling Stone and Consequence of Caca Sound. If you don’t agree, then you’re just a big meanie head!

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Marlina Guzman | Aug 30th Score:19

That’s the Fiona I know.

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#5 victorchaynang | Aug 31st Score:-7

omg sorry to do this but seriously who gives like even half a fuck what the 10 best le tigre songs are especially like right now. this question also goes for soundgarden…

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#4 kellstud | Aug 30th Score:-8

great list but it is missing “Men must die and their dicks should be ripped off.” Totally got me through college.

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Rickey Newman | Aug 30th Score:-8

she’s looking strung out. I’m sure vegans r usually thin n unhealthy but that’s ridiculous. Get yourself healthy girl. U have some good music, I really like across the universe. Really good version!

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#2 joshua sanders | Aug 30th Score:-12

Not quite sure I get what you’re saying there big daddy….but my gist is when you get up on that stage, you give it your all. if someone isn’t paying attention, you pull something out of your bag of tricks so that they will. Maybe play a slow ballad, or something to grab their attention. But let’s say hypothetically I am a fan of hers, and I am paying attention despite the chattering, and she tells them off and storms off the stage? Hey I ain’t paying money to go see her again…

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#1 joshua sanders | Aug 30th Score:-30

Sorry Fiona, but you can’t do that. All of us performers have faced loud, unruly and chatty crowds, and it is YOUR JOB to compel them to listen through your music and your performance, and not by telling then to STFU. When I have witnessed performers doing this, I have gotten up and walked out.
Fiona darling I know I am being harsh, but your audience is giving you one of their most important assets, which is their time. Play, sing and perform like you appreciate it.

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Anthony Kirk | Sep 5th Score:1

This seems just silly. FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and other codecs already allow perfect reconstructions of a sound file’s waveform. Furthermore, ABX testing of lossless audio codecs has repeatedly shown that at about 250kbps, using modern encoders, people cannot tell the difference between a song that is perfectly translated through FLAC and the same song in compressed MP3.

The real issue (or at least the most relevant one today) is that studios brickwall their recordings so that songs sound louder, since consumers have been shown to prefer louder songs over quieter ones. However, doing this introduces large amounts of distortion whenever the volume “ceiling” of the digital format is crossed. Often, remasters of older albums take masters that never hit the ceiling and brickwall them to fit the supposed market preference for loud and undynamic music. (skip to some point in the middle of the video)

These are gross alterations of musical fidelity that consumers cannot “fix” with lossless codecs or expensive headphones. Once someone has made a modest investment into a decent soundsystem, the biggest obstacle to hearing realistic and natural-sounding music will be the choices of studio engineers.

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Comments (15)
  1. “Not quite sure I get what you’re saying there big daddy” is when I realized Joshua Sanders rules.

    • also relevant, and puts to rest the trolling theory:

      gotta say i side with him on the fiona thing, too.

      • Generally, I’m sympathetic to a performer who is out in front of a disrespectful crowd, but the thing was that she wasn’t performing at one of her concerts. It was a damn fashion show in Tokyo, a sizable chunk of the audience probably didn’t even know who she was. For a vet performer like her to not at the very least be prepared for that type of environment, it’s not just foolish it’s delusional.

        • well, yes, definitely (and i expressed the same in that thread). however, in the case of ordinary performances, i’m of the opinion that a few chatty kathys shouldn’t give an artist license to have a meltdown and start yelling at people – not very cool to the well-behaving majority who are actually there to see a show. i guess it’s a different story if the entire crowd is just being one giant asshole, but you don’t see that too often. that said, it’s a fine line between the two scenarios.

          • Joshua Sander’s comments in a way make sense. I think him getting downvoted 30 times is a tad harsh. But Fiona is…Fiona. That’s what we love about her. She doesn’t play apologist. She is what she is and that’s what makes me a fan.

  2. Anthony Kirk nailed it. Great comment.

  3. Slow week eh?

  4. I totally agree with Anthony’s thoughts on the negative effects of the loudness wars. However, I have to disagree about being able to tell the difference between mp3s and FLACs/WAVs. The only reason that I became interested in ripping and buying tracks as FLACs/WAVs was because I would often listen to mp3s and think to myself, “This doesn’t sound as good as the CD. Why are people so into this format?” Recently, one of my cousins, who is a casual music listener and older than me, also remarked that she doesn’t listen to mp3s because they don’t sound as good as CDs. Even Kevin Shields, who we all know has suffered some hearing loss, has remarked on the considerable difference between mp3s and other formats. If some people are just bad at listening, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference in quality. Also, a lot of people are content to listen to music through crappy earbuds; if you have a crappy setup (as many, many people do) then everything will sound like crap and you probably won’t hear any difference in formats.

    • If I’m not mistaken, Neil Young has talked a lot about how mp3 offer a lower audio quality in comparison to other formats, including CDs. I respect the sentiment and articulation in Anthony’s post, but I’m also not sure I agree 100%. Great point with the loudness though.

      Also agree it really depends on how you listen to music. I actually think that the better the equipment you have, the easier it becomes to notice the flaws in mp3s and other formats. I understand his point about how that won’t change the quality of the actual mixing and other aspects of the recording. But I think there might be a little more to it than that.

      But still an excellent comment.

  5. I got #1 slot this week!!!! My first!!! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be too excited but whatever. Big shout out goes to Fiona Apple for being, well, Fiona.

    Drinks on me.

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