Cut Copy - Free Your Mind

Cut Copy released a new single, but you can only hear it if you have an iPhone or Android, and are nearby one of six billboards around the world reading the song’s title, “Free Your Mind.” On the band’s website, they have posted the exact locations of the six billboards; check them out below too. Once fans find the billboards, they can go to on their smartphones to hear the song; location services and audio must be turned on. Gee whiz y’all, if you needed somewhere to premiere your song you could have just emailed us!

Exact locations where you can hear the new Cut Copy song on a smartphone today
Mexico City: 19.418546,-99.15799
Chile: -33.451665,-70.880318
Australia: -30.640834,116.008871
UK: 51.763050,-3.159950
Detroit: 42.331225,-83.066366
California Desert: 33.921089, -116.761205

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  1. You could also just use the developer tools in your browser to spoof your location and emulate a mobile device. In Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-I; click the gear in lower right corner; then “Overrides;” set the Geolocation to one of those listed above; set the “User Agent” to iPhone 5…

  2. D’oh, i wasn’t connecting to the cutcopy website, stupid me…Thank you sir, thank you very much!

  3. Just look in the javascript on the page and you’ll see the MP3 file is here:

  4. Should’ve been a cover of En Vogue.

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