It’s been kind of exciting waiting for the upcoming self-titled album by MGMT mainly because we haven’t heard much off of it. We got “Your Life Is A Lie” (along with that supremely bizarre music video) and then there was the cassette release of an early version of “Alien Days,” but other than that there hasn’t been much. Well now you can stream the entire album and figure out what exactly is going on. So far the record sounds pretty damn cool, and (from the first couple tracks) a similarly psychedelic trip as Tame Impala’s recent triumphs, which makes sense because they’re both produced by Dave Fridmann (who also produced Oracular Spectacular). Check it out below.

MGMT is out 9/17 on Columbia.

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  1. I love it. I’m a defender of Congratulations, too, so there you are. Take it as you will.

  2. I loved Congratulations. I haven’t finished the stream yet, but MYSTERY DISEASE is already a winner.

  3. Can’t stream the entire album… it’s only snippets and says I need to sign up for a subscription.

  4. Musically, this is a perfectly serviceable record of kitchen-sink psuedo-psychedelia. Often crowded and unnecessarily distorted at times, but still a fascinating if not entirely engrossing listen. It certainly doesn’t break any boundaries, but I don’t think anybody really expected that from the band that wrote “Kids”. It’s the perfect album for people who think you have to be high in order to enjoy certain types of “far out” sounding music. Fair enough.

    Where this album really falters is in its lyrics. “Your Life Is A Lie” spelled it out plainly: MGMT fancy themselves as Purveyors of Truth, clearly tapped into ultimate realities that their fans have yet to explore. That spew of faux epiphanies and new age platitudes permeates this album and does it no favors. The words to “I Love You Too, Death” and “Plenty Of Girls In The Sea” are full of forced, awkward rhymes and sentiments that, beyond their veneer of depth, make no sense whatsoever. Andrew VanWyngard comes across like a teenager who recently took his first trip and decided he was a shaman. Bad high school poetry, and don’t the kids just love it.

    Still though, not bad.

  5. introspection is pretty great IMVHO

  6. I really wanted to like this, but it feels like they forgot to write songs. The sonics are really cool (and the production is excellent), but the songs themselves just don’t feel there to me.

    • I actually take this back. Upon 2nd listen, the album makes a lot more sense to me, and I can now say I really like it. I’m still going to withhold final judgment, but my theory is this is music that is difficult to understand upon first listen.

  7. I was listening to this morning show and they ignorantly stated how MGMT was a one hit wonder band. First off, a one hit wonder is whats popular in the mainstream. If I band is still active by releasing albums and touring, then their success is only subjective in the eye of Joe Public. Yes, KIDS was a massive hit, but completely ignoring their other works is just aggravating. I actually prefer Congratulations over Oracular Spectacular and this new one proves the band is constantly evolving their sound. KIDS is a catchy and bouncy song, but it pisses me off when people only know them for only that.

  8. If these two are not children of Syd Barrett then the acid really has kicked in.

  9. well..they got weirder…much much weirder

  10. Spin has already $hitted on this album. Wonder who’s next? I dig the album though.

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