Arcade Fire - "Reflektor" Video

Arcade Fire’s hotly anticipated “Reflektor” video, directed by Anton Corbijn, is finally here (a few hours early) and despite being a little jaded from the tornado of hype that’s gone on today, you may find it pretty damn incredible. The whole thing is so big, so weird, so overwhelmingly stylish, and beautiful, not to mention it’s all shot in that stark black and white that made Corbijn iconic. It’s the sort of thing that already tops every other music video this week by the two minute mark, and that’s not even the halfway point. Watch below.

Reflektor is out 10/29 via Merge.

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  3. Is the Arcade Fire backlash beginning? I know this is a different sound, but the two reactions above are very hostile.

    • and a complete 180 from the reactions i’ve read on the other recent reflektor articles

      • And come on, this video is amazing. Big, big candidate for best video of the year.

        • I agree that the video is realllly cool. I kind of love it. The song is also good. Not great, not terrible, not LCD Soundsystem, just good. I feel it’s what you’d imagine a James Murphy-produced AF song would be: fittingly long and vaguely dancey, and there’s some French lyrics and big string-section crescendos and not-happy singing. There is David Bowie though, and I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

          Anyway, I’m still excited for the album.

          • Agree. I really like it. It’s not their best, but an expectedly pleasant Murphy-produced Arcade Fire track. It’ll be a great album if this suggests anything.

    • I don’t think so. For the most part, people love the song. I love the song, anyway.

    • Some of don’t mind being lame for liking popular bands, but backlash is to be expected after their Grammy wins.

    • welcome to the alternative/indie music world, where this has happened ad nauseum since time began (the early/mid-80′s). it’s rinse/repeat for some people:

      1. band puts out incredible first or first and second albums. buzz begins.

      2. band puts out third album, by this time mainstream success and hype are bubbling out of the pot.

      3. band, who has already been on a evolving trajectory with trying new sounds, actually strays away from making the usual, by numbers approach (which would have been met with just as much scorn from the peanut gallery, i assure you)

      4. people who were into them since the beginning (which they will tell you this several times while blasting their new stuff) become hostile and hate new sound/fans/album

      rinse/repeat. the only band i’ve seen escape this is radiohead, and i don’t know how the hell they did it.

      • Didn’t this almost happen to Radiohead, or at least did in a smaller, irrelevant scale? I still know some bitter indies who HATE Kid A.

        You’re right, you do have a point, but Arcade Fire was one of the few bands I thought were gonna pull off being immune to this hipsterism bullshitting. Maybe they might still get out of this with no major backlash and problems, and of course, there are probably a few that are just probably not fond of the song by itself, not because of some music fan pattern (people who never cared for LCD, for example, might just not like it for what it is, not out of need to be the indiest). But I do feel they were one of the few bands that even if there’s some small rejection, they are or would be a band to have a lasting, loyal audience.

        • Everyone likes the song. Everyone likes Arcade Fire. Don’t get worked up because person who posted above you posted the one negative comment. Every post he has is negative.

          • I’m not getting worked up and it wasn’t my intention to sound flippant or anything like that because someone happens to disagree with me. Like I said in my post above, I’m sure it’s not fair to group everyone who doesn’t like the song in a sort of backlash, or even to necessarily expect a backlash in the first place, but I have seen a few very bad comments over the web, very subtly, starting. It could be nothing, it could be something. If it builds to something truly negative we’ll see later, which is why my original post came as a question, as in, is it just my impression that a backlash might form in the following weeks?

            You disagree, that’s fine, I respect that. I also didn’t know about the other poster. But I still think it’s not too absurd to consider the possibility, even if I hope it doesn’t happen. It’s still too early to tell, of course, but it does feel like Arcade Fire in a situation that could result in backlash in this given context. And again, doesn’t mean I think everyone who doesn’t like this song fits this.

        • Radiohead have got it every album since Kid A.

          Fact is, they’re so damn brilliant the haters always sound quiet by comparison.

  4. So if this is already here, what’s happening at 9? Wasn’t this video supposed to be interactive? Are they releasing 2 videos? What’s going on?!

  5. I really like the video. Very very well done. Reflector man looks like Michael Jackson. The song is long, but I disagree with the comments about it being dull. Make yourself a a 3 minute and 30 second single edit of the song if you find it dull. Art doesn’t have to fall into the bracket of a pop single. Great mood and a great set up for the album. Well done AF.

    • Seriously. Before I watched the video, I saw some comments about its length and was expecting it to be ten or twelve minutes. It clocks in at 7:42. ’tain’t nothin’. Arcade Fire just released a long(er than we’re typically used to because of a single-centric mindset) song and did a pretty damn fine job. It that’s “boring” to someone, I think it demonstrates much more about said someone than it does AF.

  6. This new LCD Soundsystem track is pretty good.

    • Judging the whole album off of one song, kinda foolish to be jumping to conclusions about how the song being boring. Plus, would you prefer this on the radio, or whatever other shit is on their now. They have sounded great from the start. Its going to be no different then any other great album they have made, and having some David Bowie in the mix is pretty sweet if you ask me.. I still hear plenty of great things, looking forward to hearing the rest.

  7. The anticipation for this album…
    it’s too much.

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  9. i don’t get the backlash. i had no idea what was happening in the video but it was all so cool and stylish that i didn’t care and loved it anyways. this is hands down my favorite AF video. The song, though long, is also something I love. I love how it’s long, because it’s built with the structure of a good disco or dance track, which usually requires or means a lengthy song, but the song has multiple movements that keep building on each other and I think that more than justifies the length. If the whole album is full of songs even half as good as this I’m gonna like this album even more than I did the suburbs, and that album kicks mad butt. so, in conclusion, fuck the hater, arcade fire and james murphy and david bowie and weird but cool black and white mirror michael jackson creatures forever!

  10. what happened to the rest of arcade fire?

  11. Love the song and video. Well done AF, well done.

  12. This song gives me triangle smile : >

  13. I just dropped 60 dollars on the preorder for this album, just judging on this one song. Please don’t let me down AF.

    • What fucking version did you buy that cost 60 bucks? Did it come with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V? If it did thats actually a really good deal, GTAV costs 60 dollars so you’re getting the album for free!

  14. This song is fucking awesome but the video is fucking stupid but it’s okay because the song is fucking awesome.

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  16. First two or so minutes you think ‘oh ok not bad – this is a long song it’ll go somewhere awesome’
    Next three minutes you think ‘oh ok, vamp it for a while because the change is going to blow my mind’
    Last two minutes ‘oh ok, i guess they decided to just to keep vamping and go nowhere’
    Afterwards – ‘bullshit man – all this marketing hype and this is your first damn single?!’

  17. In a year from now, I’m not going to hear this on my shuffle, and realize that I forgot how good it is.

  18. hmm, I guess after the brimming success of Sprawl II and its numerous remixes, they decided to go the dance route. Not sure if this REFLECTS the entire album, but if its really going in this direction, then Im not sure how to feel. But again, you cant judge an album based on one song. With all this building anticipation and marketing, its like I’m relieving the Daft Punk hype. To me, Im confident that it will be a solid effort with its usual diverse arrangement.

  19. Suburbs is one of my favourite albums of this century. Gorgeous from front to back, and while this isn’t quite a Suburbs or Ready To Start it’s good enough to have me salivating like crazy.

  20. very david lynch-esque video. i dig the whole thing, bowie coming through was sick.

  21. I really like it! but it’s too long for being a first track, i didn’t like the structure of The suburbs, i hope they don’t do the same on this album.

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