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Though many might have been distracted by the tornado of Arcade Fire news last night (which is perfectly understandable), there was some other great news from another great band: Australian synth-pop gods Cut Copy announced their fourth album, Free Your Mind. Now, album No. 4 might normally be when a synth-pop group starts to sound a little long in the the tooth, but upon hearing the title track from the new one, Cut Copy sound absolutely vital. Though the opening sample sounds almost like a homage to their Australian forefathers, the Avalanches, “Free Your Mind” is total Screamadelica-style bliss. From the soul samples to the bongos and cheers of “shine on,” and, of course “free your mind,” this is an absolute psychedelic banger. It might not surprise you to learn that the record was mixed by Dave Fridmann, who in addition to working with Tame Impala (who pretty much took the mantle from Cut Copy last year for biggest current indie band from Australia) produced the new album by MGMT. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems a little unexpected from the band, but nonetheless extremely promising. Listen below.

Free Your Mind is out 11/1 on Modular.

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  1. I am so deeply in love with this track. I can’t wait for their tour to start (in addition to putting out one of 2011′s best albums, Cut Copy also puts on one of the greatest live shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. I would highly — highly! — recommend going when they’re in your town).

    • Agreed! The fact we’re all of a sudden getting a new Cut Copy album this year changes everything, especially based off this song’s high quality.

      I’m glad their live show is a few days after the album release. I’ll want to learn those new songs quick before their show. I wish they’d play “Sun God” at every show though… but now that “Zonoscope” isn’t their newest album… I guess I’ll have to hope for another 15 minute banger on this new album.

  2. This is such an awesome late-in-the-year surprise… I really thought Arcade Fire was going to be the last “big” album release before 2014. Judging from the singles, they are both going to be two of my favorites of the year… I really love the disco direction AF has taken and the psychedelic house vibes of these two Cut Copy jams. Can’t wait!

  3. I was actually hoping this was PRECISELY the direction Cut Copy was going to move in — the Andrew Weatherall remix of “Sun God” that was released early last year actually made me go on a huge “Screamadelica” binge and it made me wonder if they were hinting on a possible future direction. Turns out they were!

  4. They win over Arcade Fire, my fav 2013 album

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