Watch Janelle Monáe Play Letterman

Janelle Monáe celebrated the release of her sophomore album The Electric Lady by performing her stand-out track “Dance Apocalyptic” on Letterman last night. Monáe’s 8-piece band, all clad in white, accompanied her frenzied performance. In his introduction, Letterman told the audience to, “Get ready, and get ready again” for the spectacle — which included sauntering through the audience, tossing a mic stand to the ground, and what appeared to be a spontaneous dance atop Letterman’s desk. Watch below.

The Electric Lady is out now via Atlantic.

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  1. The guitarist is playing a Brian May guitar. That’s pretty damn great.

  2. The performance is incredible, and the song itself is really, really good.

  3. Okay, yeah, officially crushing on her. And listen to the album if you haven’t already because I think it totally lived up to the hype.


  5. Still not really digging this song very much, but love the performance and love the rest of the album even more.

  6. This song reminds me of the time when Fred and Barney became jazz musicians and Wilma and Betty Disguised themselves as hipsters

  7. Janelle also stole the dance from Fred Flintstone from the Bedrock Twitch. Watch and compare

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