Sigur Ros

There was a time many winters ago when the sign that a band had “made it” was to get an appearance on The Simpsons. But that was a long time ago, and now it seems like more and more bands are heading over to Westeros to get some respect. According to EW, Sigur Rós are following their own appearance on The Simpsons with a guest spot on the fourth season of Game Of Thrones, and we don’t just mean a song during the ending credits, though it’s safe to assume they’ll do that too. What they will do on the show is undisclosed as of now, but I’d bet it’ll have something to do with what’s going on in the North — who knows, maybe they’ll play a sad, glacial version of the Wilding folk-song, “The Last Of The Giants,” which would be roughly appropriate for where they’ll be in the story once Season 4 hits. Discuss below, but let’s go easy on the spoilers.

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  1. Gayme a’ Frones.

  2. Yeah, that bitch-ass Kjartan is really kicking himself now! I bet he is sitting at home right this minute thinking about how he could have sold out to HBO, too. Poor guy.

  3. Miles Bowe! Dropping the Game of Thrones references like a boss! *golf clap*

    So the first thing I thought was, “Oh yeah! They shoot the scenes at the Wall in Iceland. That makes sense to have them come on the show!”

    Then I read they had to go to Croatia? Not that that’s a bad thing, but it makes you wonder WHAT scene they will end up in. I mean, they could just blow by as extras in a big battle that may or may not happen… or they could simply be guests at a big wedding that may or may not happen…

    Or maybe Jonsi is Coldhands! Ha!

    • Thank you for the golf clap! Yeah, the Croatia shoot location threw me for a loop, honestly I think it will be similar to the Coldplay cameo. I mean it has to be right? It would be too weird to give the band some sort of a winking “here’s Sigur Ros” type-cameo.

      Also I’d get into a discussion about who Coldhands actually is…but spoilers!

  4. Damn, first The National, now Sigur Ros. Really psyched about the musical integration of this show. Except that one time they used Flogging Molly in the credits, that was a bit strange. Nonetheless kudos to GoT.

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