Free Energy 2013

Good news for Los Angeles residents: The great retro-rock quintet Free Energy is going to be spending some time in your city. The band is about to start a residence at the Echo, and this seems like as good a reason as any for the band to release a bunch of covers online. The first of those covers is a faithful, dependably slick studio version of Jackson Browne’s deathlessly breezy 1982 jam “Somebody’s Baby,” and you can download it below.

That Echo residency starts this Monday, and the band’s very good new album Love Sign is out now on their own Free People label.

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  1. This is my favorite Jackson Browne song. I’m a Free Energy fan but I’m still partial to the Phantom Planet cover of this.

  2. I guess this dude’s pretty or something but his singing is like sugar-free vanilla.

  3. My favorite concert memory is being at the Independent here in lovely SF for the tour Free Energy did with Titus Andronicus. The Monitor had just been released (and had been/is amaze-balls) so sadly the crowd was much more in the mood for sophiti-punk about the civil war. Everyone was standing with their arms folded tight like an Arcade Fire song. I see these people dancing and rocking out in a group and I think: “Well, they are clearly better than everyone here.” When I was greeted with high fives I knew I joined the right group. Totally unpretentious, not clique, and there to have fun. We’re all being goofy for a few songs when I realized that I was dancing with the members of Titus Andronicus. After the set I talked to some of the Free Energy cast. They were so cool, nice, and expressed gratitude that I was dancing and having fun. It left such a positive impression on me that now in my own band, Odd Owl (sorry about the plug) that I try to replicate how they made me feel included.

    Good cover, too.

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