We learned last week that Arcade Fire has a penchant for lingering — here’s a new song, oh and here’s an interactive video for the song, and, hey, here’s the actual clip we made for the song. The band will be the musical guests on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on 9/28, and according to ArcadeFireTube (and confirmed by CoS), NBC will air a 30-minute concert special with the band after SNL’s broadcast. No other details of the special are available at this time.

Reflektor is out 10/29 via Merge.

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  1. AFTER the snl premier? What? So its gonna be on in the middle of the night? And they’re tentpoling it with the questionable completely new cast premier? This is questionable but I’ll be watching.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Sep 16th, 2013 0

      What’s questionable about it? Do you like Arcade Fire? If so, you get 30 minutes worth of Arcade Fire for free after SNL goes off the air. I don’t know where you place “the middle of the night,” but in my timezone, SNL goes off the air at 1 pm. If that’s too late for you, you can set your VCR or DVR and watch it later. It’s the first episode of the season, so SNL will be unveiling their new cast as well as featuring established players in new roles. I’m not sure what about that is questionable, but I’d imagine that’s what has happened on the first episode of SNL every year since SNL went on the air.

  2. I’m guessing this is what the film crew was for at the 9/9 event?

    (As mentioned in this site’s write up of the event: “Apparently, the costumes were required as part of a video shoot, although it was never clear what type of video. Later there would be a film crew recording the whole set.”)

  3. Of course it happens right after I finally cancel cable and go all streaming. UGH :\

  4. it will feature footage from the Salsatheque gigs.

  5. New songs….PLEASE!

  6. Awesome and incredible show tonight NBC got turned out

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