The Killers - Direct Hits

The two bands have already toured together, and now the Killers and M83, two of our finest purveyors of grandly ridiculous blown-out new-wave, have made a song together. The Killers, a band who have always had one hell of a greatest-hits album in them, are now ready to release one. It’s called Direct Hits, and one of the two new tracks included is “Shot At The Night,” which M83′s Anthony Gonzalez produced. It’s just as epic and romantic and unashamed as you’d expect, given the personnel involved. The song debuted on BBC Radio 1 earlier today, and you can hear a radio rip and check out the Direct Hits tracklist below.

01 “Mr. Brightside”
02 “Somebody Told Me”
03 “Smile Like You Mean It”
04 “All These Things That I’ve Done”
05 “When You Were Young”
06 “Read My Mind”
07 “For Reasons Unknown”
08 “Human”
09 “Spaceman”
10 “A Dustland Fairytale”
11 “Runaways”
12 “Miss Atomic Bomb”
13 “The Way It Was”
14 “Shot At the Night”
15 “Just Another Girl”
16 “Mr. Brightside (Original Demo)”
17 “When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)”
18 “Be Still”
(via Consequence Of Sound)

Direct Hits is out 11/11 on Island.

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  1. Where the hell is Bones?!? definitely worthy of inclusion…

  2. Mm. Definitely ear candy. I can listen to this one on repeat for a good while.

  3. Well as a Safeway muzak tune it’s palatable, but I kinda expected something a little more grandiose from this pairing. The fact that two of my favorite artists together created what amounts to a Steve Winwood cover is not really inspiring.

  4. It does sound eerily similar to Higher Love, doesn’t it?

  5. I guess it wasn’t really a “hit” per se, but the exclusion of Jenny Was A Friend of Mine seems wrong.

  6. Kind of wish “This is Your Life” made the cut too, but not really surprised.

    New song is more awesome than I would have expected. Borders on easy listening.

    Awesome opossum out.


  7. I never got into The Killers. Can’t say why though, guess too much hype ruins it for me or something? Any recs on where to begin with them? I’m open to suggestions.

  8. I would add Believe Me, Natalie and Shadowplay, if it’s allowed, also my pick from third album would be Joy ride instead of Human. But, of course, greatest hits collections are better not have all of the really best in it.

    • Yeah, Human and Spaceman are poor attempts at composing ”hits”, Joyride and also I Can’t Stay are two disco rip offs, Wham! and Grace Jones respectiveley, but they are really fun and have a earworm chorus.

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