Grizzly Bear - Shields Expanded

Every Grizzly Bear song that makes it to record has been so intensely labored-over, so intricately and fussily arranged, that they’re the rare band where you might actually want to hear the rough versions of their songs. And after the avalanche of goodwill that surrounded last year’s album Shields, they’re now getting ready to release an expanded edition full of demos and B-sides. In a couple of months, they’ll release Shields Expanded, a double-CD and 18-track digital album, and it’ll have the original album as well as a bunch of B-sides, remixes, and demos that the band recorded in Marfa, Texas before tracking the album proper. (You’ll also be able to get the extra tracks, on their own, as a 12″ EP or download.) One of the Marfa demos is of a non-album track called “Will Calls.” It’s warm, organic, and seven minutes long, and you can hear it below.

01 “Sleeping Ute”
02 “Speak In Rounds”
03 “Adelma”
04 “Yet Again”
05 “The Hunt”
06 “A Simple Answer”
07 “What’s Wrong”
08 “gun-shy”
09 “Half Gate”
10 “Sun In Your Eyes”
11 “Smothering Green” (Bonus Track)
12 “Taken Down” (Marfa Demo)
13 “Listen And Wait” (Bonus Track)
14 “Everyone I Know” (Marfa Demo)
15 “Will Calls” (Marfa Demo)
16 “Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)”
17 “A Simple Answer (Liars Remix)”
18 “Gun-Shy (Lindstrøm Remix)”

Shields Expanded and Shields B-Sides are out 11/12 on Warp.

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  1. this song is too good and should have been on the album

    • AGREED!

    • Gummers please note — this thread has been spammed by a whole bunch paid Grizzly Bear shills (just check out how inane and generic their comments are). Some pretty shameless BS going on here…

      • also, take note that the half of them who have commented on stereogum outside of this article have only done so on other grizzly bear stories.

        preparing my arsenal of downvotes.

        • I think that the band might just have linked to this article so a bunch of fans came and commented. I doubt that Grizzly Bear is paying people to write “COOL SONG” on a music crit. site that spent approximately 50,000,000 telling us that Sheryl Crow is awesome in 2013.

        • i haven’t commented on anything else before because i was never bothered. i’m excited about the bsides. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?

          • sorry, but i don’t believe you. there are other bands with lots of fans who get written about on stereogum, and you don’t usually see giant waves of newbies show up en masse to make strangely generic positive comments. just don’t see it. this is weird.

          • it’s a free world u can do what u want to. will calls is still amazing and i still love it and nothing else really matters. i intend to go on with my day enjoying this fine piece of music. i hope u have a gr8 day!

      • Haha I was wondering what was going on. I mean I love Grizzly Bear but…85+ comments on a b-side post? Surprised the Recipe Bear and his contemporaries haven’t swarmed. (Aaaand 3…2…1…)

  2. this song slays and really takes you by surprise. can’t wait for the rerelease!

  3. This song is GREAT! Grizzly Bear – even their trash tastes good.

  4. totally!


  6. another great from the grizzly boiz

  7. ~,_~ Bless you Grizzly Bear


  9. I can’t stop listening!

  10. LOVE IT!!! Pure grizzly vibes!

  11. I am rather enjoying this

  12. absolutely beautiful song. The jazz-influenced syncopation and cadences made the hair on my arm stand up. Amazing. Thank you

  13. love u grizzly bear

  14. Great great song guys!!


  16. absolutely amazing!!! love u gb <3


  18. I can’t believe this is only a demo. It’s like that Christopher Walken quote on SNL “I put my pants on just like the rest of you — one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.”

  19. On repeat since the second it was announced! If this doesn’t sound like beauty to you, I’m sorry for your hearing loss.



  22. oh heck this is perfect

  23. Grizzly Bear on point

  24. hell yeah

  25. das what I’m talkin about

  26. I like both of your hearts

  27. Ermahgerd Gurzzly Burr!

    But this is awesome. Opening makes me think of Mount Kimbie.

  28. wait, what?

  29. i think i dreamt about this song last night

  30. Stunning!
    Amazing Vibes that gives me goosebumps!!

  31. What is this, the Grizzly Bear female spam street team? I like how 95% of these posts are from people who just registered and have never posted anything else on this site. This song is mediocre at best.

    • You know what’s more pathetic? That you come on here, speculatate about street teams and waste your time invidivdually searching out everyone’s profile history and post history. That is TRULY MEDIORCRE AT BEST. Get a life dude.

      • u ‘got me there’ bb. i hope ur at least effing one of the gb bros (or label heads), cuz this street teaming is l4m3. but i kno what’s more l4m3- ME, for figuring this all out with about 6 clicks of the mouse. u win.

        • nothing to figure out. Some people who don’t frequen the site are excited about a song and band. You aren’t, and thusly annoyed. Good luck scrolling through other threads!

          • Oh just drop the painfully obvious BS. You’re being paid to pretend you’re just some random fan (along with a bunch of other obvious fakes on this thread) and you’re shameless enough to dump on adam antime for calling you out. F*** you — go be fake somewhere else.

          • what the actual eff. who do u think is paying us? i’d willingly give my bank acc deets to anyone who wants me to pretend i’m a random GB fan. i’d be a millionaire.

    • street team marketing FOR SURE. that having been said, i like the song. and i don’t need “<3 u griz bros ur 2 good" from fake people to know that i like it.

  32. this is good song by good band . good

  33. ALERT ALERT! NON REGULAR USERS LEAVING COMMENTS DEEMED GENERIC. I’ve been on here for ages. This is my favorite band so I tend to comment more on threads about them. As for the others, it appears their name and pictures are in fact real and validated by the little F in the bottom right hand corner. Perhaps a group of fans decided to get overly zealous and ‘spam’ this thread with their enthusiasm. Does it matter? I know I haven’t been paid and I doubt anyone else is. Ultimately it shouldn’t really matter if people leave boring comments and haven’t commented a lot or are just to over comment a thread, it doesn’t really take much out of your life does it? Or maybe it does….

  34. Just happened upon this thread looking for a stream of the song. I did check out Ed’s Twitter and it looks like he retweeted this post (33k+ followers). I think these might be legit fans but what do I know? Can’t trust anyone on the internet!

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