Queens Of The Stone Age @ Made In America Festival 2013

Jay Z has been called many things over the years, but “a kook” may be a new one. Recently, Jay held his second Made In America festival in Philadelphia, and one of the bands who performed, Queens Of The Stone Age, apparently wasn’t too happy with the experience. In a recent interview, QOTSA frontman Josh Homme had some things to say about Jay. It’s not quite “Ether,” but it’s something.

As Pitchfork points out, Homme discussed the festival’s treatment of bands in an interview on CBC Radio 2: “The guy’s a kook, you know. He has security frisking bands on the way in. I just told him, ’If you open up my bag, we’re not playing. So I guess it’s up to you to have to decide whether we’re playing or not.’… You shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off.”

Homme also says that Jay gave the band a bottle of his champagne and asked him to pose for a picture with them: “I was like, ’That’s not a gift– that’s a marketing tool.’ I destroyed it, ’cause I thought it was rude overall.”

As to the frisking thing, it makes sense that Homme didn’t like it and hasn’t gone through it, but I can pretty much guarantee you that Jay’s had to be frisked before playing a few shows. And I doubt that Jay’s intimately involved in planning every aspect of his festival; the frisking and champagne things seem like the very definition of underling business.

You can watch him make some of these comments, and listen to the full interview, below.

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  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t think it was Jay-Z himself who made the final decision to frisk the bands? I feel like that was some kind of decision the city probably pushed on the city.

    Either way, I feel like Homme is trying too hard to sound “punk” and “edgy” by talking shit about Jay-Z. He just sounds like a grumpy old guy who gets whiny when things don’t go exactly like he wants.

    That being said, QOTSA and champagne are probably the most mis-matched combination ever.

    • You probably are, to answer your question..Really… so you think that he just instructed security to treat them accordingly (rockstars that they are) and then they just took that as, “well… we need to frisk all of the bands, period.”

      As for the second paragraph… if you knew anything about Josh Homme, interviews or commentary he’s made, he is likely the most level headed, hilariously witty, and most definitely “edgy” individual in Rock, and has been since the earliest interviews I’ve ever watched of him, dating back to 2000. I don’t know what planet or plane of existence a band like QOTSA should ever have their shit ransacked, but it isn’t this one. Homme calls it how it is, and I haven’t every really seen him do otherwise, with the exception of some homo-slander, that really wasn’t even directed at homosexuality as it was someone in the crown being a dick-job.

      That being said, Jay-Z and down to earth relations are probably the most mis-matched combination ever.

      The guys daughter is named after a primary color; Ye names his kid after a primary direction….next Frank Ocean will adopt a baby and name it after a primary school. McKinnley Elementary Ocean… nice

  2. I normally never defend Jay Z, but Josh is sounding overly grumpy here. We’re all getting frisked everywhere, dude, lighten up, these are “white people problems”.

    That said, I’ve never found Jay Z to be anywhere near sincere. He’s a genius business man cross-brander always 10 steps ahead of everyone else, oh and he’s an above-average rapper.

    • Now that I’ve heard the whole interview, I do appreciate that SOMEONE is taking aim at Jay Z. Between him and JT, you can’t rip on them, it seems. Glad he felt he could. Let’s face it, calling yourself “Hov” is douch-y (rap culture or not). Chuck D might be proud right now.

    • Yes, frisking is definitely a “white people problem.”

    • Fuck your coloring book. I don’t subscribe to “oh well, it’s just somebody wanting to frisk me, guess it’s OK’… let alone the fact that the guy is a Rock God… I don’t care if he 500 giant black dildos on stage and used them as picks, drumsticks or used one as a cigarette holder… The only reason Jay hasn’t fired back about being called a “Kook” and was vicariously instructed to “fuck off” is because there is no sensical reason why it should have happened in the first place.

      Honestly the Champagne thing… I mean, you do your homework, Josh is not exactly going to subscribe to brand-whoring… If you ask me, the assumption that he would is what was unprofessional.

  3. The frisking seems of the norm this day in age, but the rest reminds me why I’ve never liked this festival becuase I think Jay Z is a trend-hopping exploitationist. When rap-rock was commercially huge (notice how I didn’t say “cool”,) he hit the studio with Linkin Park. After the National played the same song for six hours straight, he did the same, but brought an HBO documentary crew with him. Show me the proof that he sat down and personally curated every band to be a part of this festival, down to the punk stage where a small band like Restorations played, ‘nah mean? This guy gets by on others’ ideas, except he’s got the money to make everything he does look big and important. Plus, his kid is ugly.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2013 -4

      That’s a priority for you? That he personally curated every single artist at his festival? What about the food vendors? Should he have tried each of those too?

      • The media usually calls it the “Jay-Z curated Made in America festival,” so yeah, when you tell me he curated it, I take it he personally picked the lineup in the same way that the ATP festivals curated by bands are invited by the headliners themselves.

    • yeah but that’s everybody in the beeznus. Madonna is a classic hitch your wagon to a younger trend/starrer. This is why everyone goes out of their way to hang with Justin Beiber. They don’t give a shit about him or his music. They want his twitter followers.

    • Why you knockin’ on Collision Course, breh?

      But yea, I get the same feeling. I mean come on… Made in America sponsored by a once American beer that sold itself out to a Belgian megalith… the title itself is irony.

    • Goooood takedown, _! Everybody wants to hold up Jay as some exquisite aesthete, but in fact his Linkin Park album is 20x more embarrassing than Rebirth. That would’ve been like if Wayne did an album for Evanescence.

      So glad somebody finally took it to this bloated, bland klown.

    • And the Nets blow.

  4. Where’s the beef, Josh?

  5. I destroyed a bottle of champagne this weekend too, WITH MY LIVER!

  6. No one ever disses Jay Z. Homme’s got balls. I wanna see Brody go after Beyonce now.

    • So true. In his ultimate hustler way, he exploited that sweet spot in between hip hop and mainstream culture. Other hip hoppers can’t aim at him cause they’d become a “hater” and the rap wars would start up (Nas actually bested him IMO and the best rap IMO is in the tradition of Run DMC, PE, De La Soul, etc who don’t buy in to the whole “top dog” aspect”). Mainstreamers like fuckin Ron Howard or Gwyneth Paltrow or whatever just look to the rap establishment to tell them who the alpha dog is and they all point to Jay (cause ya know you can’t hate on the alpha dog in rap without major career consequences) and they roll with out. Kudos to Jay for hustlin everyone and he deserves credit as a business guy, but he’s far from the GOAT. There I said it.

  7. josh homme is not on drugs in this video

  8. “Make sure you frisk that Queens of the Stone Age band really well, there’s just something about them…”- Jay Z

  9. Stereogum just can’t go against Jay Z or Kanye. Forget the fact that Jay wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. He is a kook and has no cred(neither does his wife) with anyone who is a real musician. Even with Rick Rubin he delivers another dud. Sites like this and Pitchfork just get paid to hype him and Kanye up to the middle class hipster set. Congrats to QOTSA for not kissing his ass and saying something true about his giant ego.

  10. I don’t know if we can blame underlings for this policy. I doubt Josh would make these public statements without first being sure that this indeed is Sean’s approved policy.

    I’m glad someone has the stones to diss Sean Carter. He seems like a sociopath that will do anything to enrich and empower himself. A classic Machiavellian powermonger.

    • Not to be insulting. I just think you are over thinking this one a bit. Josh doesn’t give a fuck if you, your grandma or your cousin’s giraffe is behind fuckery. He’s going to call you on it, plain and simple… especially these days.. Jay-z’s album spent time at #1 this year..well guess what.. so did QOTSA’s

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