Pearl Jam - "Sirens" Video

Just yesterday, Pearl Jam dropped “Sirens,” the second single off their forthcoming Lightning Bolt, and today, they follow it up with a video. The clip is again helmed by Danny Clinch, who also directed the vid for lead single “Mind Your Manners,” as well as the band’s 2007 concert film, Immagine In Cornice. Unlike the frenetic weirdness of “Mind Your Manners, though, “Sirens” is presented as the purest of performance videos, just the band banging away on a dimly lit stage. Watch.

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  1. Not for the cynical, that’s for sure. Very few vocalists can pull off heartfelt sincerity in this way. Also, it’s kind of insane that this and Mind Your Manners are on the same album.

  2. Is this just a bad pearl jam song or the worst pearl jam song? decent guitar solo though

  3. Hey Pearl Jam, Creed called and they want their song back.

  4. Wow, lots of backlash for this song all over the place on the net. I like it. Of course, I am an insanely huge Pearl Jam fan, so I guess that means nobody cares what I think. Go PJ!

  5. Reminds me a lot of Black. Ya know, that power ballad from back on their FIRST ALBUM.

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