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Drake’s Nothing Was The Same leaked on Sunday, and Stereogum’s Tom Breihan concluded that while it’s only barely a rap album, rap is more interesting with it around. There’s a good discussion happening under that review so join in if you haven’t yet. Also this week we revealed our 40 Best New Bands Of 2013, which included Disclosure, Pharmakon, FKA twigs, Diarrhea Planet, and synth-pop trio of the moment Chvrches. We ranked Trent Reznor’s discography and listed the 10 Best Frightened Rabbit Songs. We spoke with Carcass, Massive Attack, Zola Jesus, and Elvis Costello, whose Roots collab Wise Up Ghost is worth your time. And Windhand’s sprawling, doom metal opus Soma was our Album Of The Week. The weekend starts right after you revisit this week’s best and worst comments below.


#10 bogota rocks | Sep 16th Score:18

Sometimes I feel like the worst thing to do in the Stereogum universe is dislike any kind of music. It’s like everybody, even NSYNC, Sheryl Crow, and Coldplay, gets a trophy just for making an album.

But some music just sucks. Sheryl Crow is tedious, bland, and has zero personality. Her songs are all ripoffs of much better artists. She’s going country like Hootie did, because she has no real fans, and that’s the move you make when you have no ideas left. Wonder how all her new country fans will feel if somebody points out her liberal political opinions? Will she stand up for what’s right, or become even blander to appeal to her new demographic? Let’s face it, she’s no Joni Mitchell or Patti Smith. She’s middle of the road blech.

A recommendation for this new feature: Try having the two people arguing disagree more. Surely someone at Stereogum thinks it’s safe for knowledgeable music fans to ignore Sheryl Crow’s entire discography?

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Sep 16th Score:19

Oh God, I mangled that sentence.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Sep 16th Score:21

So dude can afford nearly half a G of smack but can’t spend a 115 bucks bucks on a license and a damn plate.

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#7 lobster dog | Sep 17th Score:21

I’m sorry did you just suggest that Magna Carta, Holy Grail was the best album of the year?

Please leave, just go.

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#6 crania americana | Sep 16th Score:22

I’m less worried about the heroin than the fact this motherfucker didn’t have a driver’s license –– given that he’s apparently really bad at driving and all. Do the rest of the population a solid and hit up a driver’s ed class, ok?

But seriously, though I wish these kids well and stuff, this Zachary Cole Smith is kind of a hilarious joke of a person. Did anyone else read that Pitchfork interview he did a few months back? Oh man… that thing’s off the charts on the unintentional comedy scale. Also there’s this wonderful quote I just found on DIIV’s Wikipedia page: “everybody in the band is a water sign, that’s kind of why the name Dive really spoke to us all.” …. and I’m dying of laughter.

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Michael Hanna | Sep 16th Score:23

Okay, I have a few things to say. First of all, since when is heroin possession a misdemeanor? Second, shouldn’t DIIV’s music be a lot better than it is before things like this start happening? Third, Mr. Cobain would never wear a denim shirt. Get it together, kid.

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#4 mickrandom26 | Sep 17th Score:24

Where’s the Yeezus reference?

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#3 sd | Sep 18th Score:29

Stereogum is my “Discovery” button

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#2 sd | Sep 17th Score:30

Jay Z, for the love of god, please retire.

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#1 Chipotle | Sep 17th Score:33

Started from the upper middle class, now he’s here.

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#5 mnk | Sep 13th Score:-15

nobody who takes music seriously in the uk takes either of these bands seriously at all

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#4 totalidiot | Sep 17th Score:-17

“But with that said Drake albums are good for one song that brings me to my knees.”

To blow your buddies obviously.

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#3 theboobler | Sep 13th Score:-18

How about the fact that it’s not a “new” album? It’s mostly patched-up stuff from the 90′s.

Also, when did a guy like Kevin Shields ever care about some corporate bullshit award? These 90′s reunions are really killing my eardrum buzz.

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Aristotle Alejandrö Velásquez | Sep 17th Score:-24

Uh yes…Jay-Z put out the album of the year in my opinion. Don’t even say Daft Punk or Yeezus! I know my hip hop. Chance the Rapper, Pusha T, and Kendrick Lamar are all on top…

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Aristotle Alejandrö Velásquez | Sep 17th Score:-26

you probably aren’t a fan of hiphop, music, or poetic justice. This album is by far the best complete album this year besides Magna Carta or the 20/20 experience.

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krup | Sep 18th Score:8

Questlove asked Elvis if they could work together so who is using who? Also, I never heard about the B.B. King rumor, but the Ray Charles story is ancient, drunken, very stupid history – a dumb attempt to get a rise out of a bunch of drunk American musicians. It worked and very nearly derailed Elvis’ career. Sam Moore, Solomon Burke, Allen Toussaint, and Questlove, to name but a few extremely talented African Americans who have collaborated with E.C., appear to have forgiven him. Perhaps Dad should give E.C. a chance.

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  1. First! Would love to have seen more top rated comments about the fine Trent Reznor discography. That was a great think piece about one of God’s greatest gifts to music, the one and only Trent Reznor.

  2. Thank you for the bucks bucks ladies and gents.

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