“#1 Rock Star On The Planet” and pseudo-ex pat Kanye West performed Yeezus single “Black Skinhead” on a recent broadcast of French talk show Le Grand Journal. You can watch his piece of the segment below, which was shot in black-and-white, starting at around the 12-minute mark below. If you ever had any kind of nausea problems relating to the “Paris” video (*raises hand*), aim closer to the 13:00 and skip the intro.

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(via CoS)

UPDATE: And here’s “Bound 2″ with Charlie Wilson…

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  1. “Black Skinhead” live is something else entirely from the album version. Normally I just enhance the screams myself when I listen to Yeezus, but I much prefer Kanye enhancing them with super-high jumps.

    Plus, check out that 90s fashion! Ripped jeans, Wu-Tang shirt and Timbas.

    This video is great. I like that he doesn’t have to change any lyrics for France. Swear away!

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