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You might remember late last year finding a commercial for a fake Christmas song compilation by indie music stars including Bon Iver, Beach House, and the xx. The parody video by Animal New York (with the music by Adam Horne of the band Bear Ceuse) was so hilarious because the impressions were perfectly accurate, both musically and vocally. Now there is a new one called Indie Kidz Songs with an ad that offers fake snippets of Grimes (“ABC Song”), Vampire Weekend (“I’m A Little Teapot”), Danny Brown doing an “original song” about how much he loves eating vegetables, and a Nine Inch Nails parody that made me cry laughing in the office. Check out the video and the full “album” below which includes parodies of Dirty Projectors, the Pixies, and Japandroids.

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  1. In similar fashion, check these out too.

  2. *Dirty Projectors

    But yea, these are hilarious. The alt-J one is spot on.

  3. I know a lot of parents in Silverlake who would love this record.

  4. Pretty incredible and dead on :P

  5. I nearly died laughing from The Cure, the Queens of the Stone Age and Chief Keef songs. A good way to cap of my dreary day.

  6. Ok. So it’s been a few days and these songs have been stuck in my head!!!

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