Icona Pop

Icona Pop put out their debut album This Is… earlier this week and they stopped by Letterman to perform “All Night,” which also had a music video come out a few weeks ago. The Swedish duo definitely charmed everyone, including Letterman, by the end of the song. It’s clear why — they have musical chops along with a Spice Girls-worthy stage presence. Watch the video below and check out photos of the duo playing this past weekend at Freefest.

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  1. Icona Pop playing a guitar kinda screws up that whole Icona Pop=Death of Guitars thing.

  2. korg mini ms20 in action…!

  3. I did sound for Icona Pop a few months back. Nice ladies!

  4. I got sick of “I Love It” pretty quick, but “All Night” is so fun and very ABBA-esque.

  5. It must be an accident that Icona Pop is famous.

  6. yo this shit is hilarious

    the only time where you can actually hear their voices without the goddamn CD playing as a backing track is @ 2:33 and it ain’t pretty

    and the one with the guitar never actually plays it (obviously) and the only time where her mic is on or at least audible is during the 3 seconds i mentioned above

    are you kidding me with this shit? musical chops? even your Spice Girls comment is undeserved and borderline disrespectful

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