The Killers - "Shot At The Night" video

Later this fall, the Killers will drop their best-of collection Direct Hits, and it includes the gleaming new M83-produced single “Shot At The Night,” which now has an appropriately starry video of its own. The Roboshobo-directed clip stars Not Fade Away/Dark Shadows actress Bella Heathcote as a young woman who makes a living vacuuming casino floors in the Killers’ native Las Vegas and Social Network/Ides Of March actor Max Minghella as the young man who wants to take her away from all of this. It’s cute. Watch it below.

Direct Hits is out 11/11 on Island.

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  1. She almost runs someone over and she laughs? What a psycho.

  2. Beautifully shot video, but come on, a pretty white girl as a housekeeper? At the Cosmopolitan? She would have been made a VIP host when she walked in for the housekeeper interview. I know that you need her to be a maid so she can live in the crappy cinderblock hotel and come across their room, but this is pure fantasy.

    I WILL give the video points for keeping a good sense of geography and having them actually take a scooter from the Strip to Downtown instead of making it seem like they walked.

  3. What’s up with Brandon Flowers’ hand gestures and terrible melodramatic facial expressions. Distractingly awful.

  4. pretty cute…besides the insufferably overwrought Brandon Flowers bit

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