of Montreal - lousy with sylvianbriar

The Georgia art-glam institution of Montreal rarely goes long without releasing a new album. Their next one is called lousy with sylvianbriar, and frontman Kevin Barnes recorded it at home on a 24-track recorder. The album is only a week away from release, and we’ve already heard the early tracks “fugitive air,” “She Ain’t Speakin’ Now,” and “Belle Glade Missionaries.” Today, the whole messy thing is streaming at Pitchfork.

Lousy with sylvianbriar
is out 10/8 on Polyvinyl.

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  1. on the last track now and i think it might be their best since Hissing Fauna

  2. “Messy?” Whatchu talkin’ bout, Stereogum?

  3. I’ve been listening to the album for about a week now. If you pay for the pre-order from Polyvinyl’s website, it gives you an instant mp3 download of the album.

    I also think it’s their best, most consistent effort in some time. Definitely the least “messy” since Hissing Fauna. I kind of love it.

  4. i feel like this is gonna be a pretty underrated album this year

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