Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

Surprise! Four Tet’s new album, Beautiful Rewind, which did not have a release date, will apparently arrive in some UK stores today. And it is now streaming in full on Soundcloud. A few months ago Kieran Hebden tweeted:

the album is all done and just getting some copies made and then will get it into the shops for you. LP, CD and internet versions. deluxe sendspace edition with art print and unique numbered download code. no pre order, no youtube trailers, no itunes stream, no spotify, no amazon deal, no charts, no bit coin deal, no last minute rick rubin. I’ve got distribution sorted in North America now… going to be easy to get there at decent price.

The U.S. vinyl comes with a download code, but the U.K. does not. “If you buy the vinyl and you’re pissed about no code,” he he says, “then just grab it from mediafire or isohunt or IDM-warez or something.”

Listen to Beautiful Rewind below.


01 “Gong”
02 ”Parallel Jalebi”

03 ”Our Navigation”

04 ”Ba Teaches Yoga”
05 “Kool FM”

06 “Crush”

07 “Buchla

08 “Aerial”

09 “Ever Never”

10 “Unicorn”

11 “Your Body Feels”

To celebrate the release Four Tet is doing an eight hour DJ set on Rinse FM Sunday night starting at 9 PM GMT. “Might be joined by some guests for some of it and will be bringing exclusives as usual,” he promises.

Beautiful Rewind is officially out stateside 10/15 via TEXT Records.

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  1. shit, this shit is GOOODDD!

  2. This is great! I’m so glad that this is not as “dancy” as Pink was… Pink was interesting but it’s the one Four Tet album I never revisit, basically. This is the more logical next step after There Is Love In You.

    Still, it’s obvious on Beautiful Rewind that the Pink singles series played a role in the overall evolution of Four Tet. What an interesting guy to follow.

  3. not working!!!

  4. i have to admit to loving the “pink album.”
    at the time i was new to “there is love in you,” and LOVED the work he did with burial,(moth, wolf cub, nova). I really think “pink” was one of the most underrated releases of 2012, not to mention the atoms for peace remix of “pyramids,” or jaime xx’s “lion” remix,(among others) it’s dance music sure. but it’s like….brian eno dance music. soft pads, rolling beats. but anyways. now we have “beautiful rewind.

    i was pleasantly surprised to find he had thrown together another album, which gave way to shock as i went through the record…..”beautiful rewind” is a great, extremely dense sounding collection of songs. i miss the long hypnotic numbers, but this album really shows his love of burial, without sounding like burial much at all.
    this is a GREAT record. absolutely great. from start to finish. it doesn’t have the bouncy rolling dance beats of “pink,” but four tet has never been an artist to repeat himself, and i’m glad. “beautiful rewind takes a little darker approach, almost frantic but again no sharp skrillex tones, KH keeps things loud and engaging but you could still put this album on to sleep to.

    amazing that we have another full length not even a year after the “pink” release.

    i love KH.

  5. almost forgot if you’re a fan and live in the sates and can’t find it go to bookmat, or maybe even amazon for the mp3′s. it’s well worth it. beautiful album.

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